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  1. _xeroxz

    Source Code Reverse Injector

    Reverse Injector injects a process into your context so you can read/write a processes memory by dereferencing. the process is now inside of your context, all memory including heap, and stack. This code uses PTM, which uses VDM. IDontCode / reverse-injector IDontCode / PTM IDontCode / VDM If...
  2. CroLord

    Solved Cheat Engine - injecting dll - not working

    I'm trying to inject my shitty test dll into java process(game) and i get this message What does that mean? #include<Windows.h> void MainThread(HMODULE hMod) { MessageBoxA(0, "TEST", "TEST", MB_OK); FreeLibraryAndExitThread(hMod, 0); return; } BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HMODULE...
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