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  1. Typ3Cast

    Solved ARM64 vs ARM7a IL2CPP returning true

    I have been following a tutorial that covers modding but it was done with the ARM64 lib. I ran into some issues with that and I want to use the ARM7a architecture instead. So simple question, in ARM 64 I could return a bool true by moving 1 ( true ) into the "return" register x0 and then...
  2. ezb266

    Tutorial How to get the address of a static variable in unity games.

    If you've been using il2cppdumper to dump an il2cpp game, you may notice that there are static variables with strange offsets (0x0, or some other shit). These are actually offsets relative to a different struct. In this guide I will show you how to get them. There are 2 files which il2cppdumper...
  3. ezb266

    Solved How do you get the address of a static field?

    Alright, so I am working on an Among Us hack, but this question kind of goes for all games. I have the Assembly-CSharp dll open in dnSpy and can see that there are some static fields which are part of a class (PlayerControl), and they appear to have their own offsets, one of them being "0x0", I...
  4. T

    Question Calling Mono functions from C++ Hook by name

    Hi all, So I have this IL2CPP game that I have the function names of. Currently I'm using ASI Hook to edit the game functions and call them to my will. However the game updated today, and as expected, all addresses have changed. In Cheat Engine I can go to Mono -> Dissect Mono and it will load...
  5. mrkinaujr

    Solved IL2CPP and Mono Injection

    Hello, i found a new Game today and saw it uses Unity and IL2CPP. I know how to make a internal Cheat in Unity Games but not if the Game is obfuscated with IL2CPP. Can i just use Mono Injection like before? Is there some Information about this already in the Forum?
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