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  1. xxxtarnatiiion

    Question BO3 Integrity Checks

    hello gh, I’m playing BO3 right now because i want to develop internal cheats and this game has a pretty cool anticheat / antidebug for me to start with. my dump is loaded in IDA, but im lost because i dont have any clue on how to find the integrity checks func (crashes with a regular detour)...
  2. Revester

    Solved IDA keeps analyzing .exe and is unusable

    I opened 200 MB big UE4 exe game and IDA analyzing it for an hour now. It uses one core for 100% all the time and its user interface is unusable because it scans on the same thread or something. Is there a way to make it stop analyzing? I finished RE course: And it works just fine with small...
  3. Mystic

    Tutorial IDAPython basics and custom string filtering example

    It's been said I should make more tutorials... Here is the IDAPython documentation for reference. Might as well have it at the beginning. If you are new to IDAPython you might not know how to actually run the scripts as its not perfectly obvious, so I will quickly show how to do so. Here is...
  4. D

    Solved Code block that looks like a function, but isnt (?)

    Hi there, got startet with IDA and found a weird occurance. Its a code block in the .text are (idk wether there is a professional word for that), that starts with "align", ends with "retn" and looks like a function but IDA doesnt recognize it as a function. Is that something particular i should...
  5. Kage

    Solved IDA - Find main

    Hey, i watched the Reverse Engineering C++ Malware With IDA Pro. Then I wanted to try it myself and take a look at my own code in IDA. #include <iostream> class Rectangle { int width, height; public: void set_values(int w, int h); int area() { return width * height; } }; void...
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