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  1. E

    Solved IDA Pro - no decompiler

    I'm running IDA Pro 7.2 Yes I'm running ida and not ida64 I'm trying to load client.dll db after fresh windows install (and a pc upgrade, switched to amd), also tried with no db same result
  2. J

    Solved IDA Pro Does not List DX dlls

    Okay, so I'm trying to get the offset of the Present() function for Crysis 3. To do so; I found this tutorial right here: The one thing I had to do, that the tutorial did not mention, was to go to debugger...
  3. Rake

    Source Code Ida Pro How to Clear History Powershell Script

    powershell script I made to clear IDA Pro history: the third command will remove all historical records including things you've searched for, so before you run that one go to: HKCU:\Software\Hex-Rays\IDA\ and look at the things in the History_ folders to get an idea of what it removes...
  4. traderain

    Solved IDA Pro - migrate idb to newer exe version

    Hey, I have an idb (x64) which I have reversed many function's name etc. The game had an update recently. How can I migrate my idb to the newer one? At least the function names, structs and enums. I am pretty sure it's possible to hash the bytes of each function and save it as a json with...
  5. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved IDA: Reversing help

    Hi GH community :love: So to get better at IDA, I'm working on MW3 and my goal is to find "GetTagPos" in order to make a bone ESP. Think I got a good lead : so here is what i'm thinking: - line 10: we check if GetTagPos worked (it takes 4 args tho… so idk if it can really by GTP) - line 07...
  6. LsDevs

    Solved IDA Pro, generate pseudo code for x86 target under x64 host

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck in IDA Pro on my Windows x64 machine. I want to generate pseudo-code for a x86 app and I got an error like I only have a compiler for x64 version. Is there a way to download a x86 compiler and link it to IDA Pro or I am stuck forever ? ( I don't really know if I'm in the...
  7. P

    Solved Calling __thiscall problem

    I have found a function that clearly seems to be a thiscall. (IDA) int __thiscall getMobName(_DWORD *this, int buffer, char entity) Its getting called like this, the this pointer being passed to it seems to be the same static address everywhere (the one I have named "creatureNamesBase") push...
  8. Mystic

    Tutorial How to find lots of engine functions in IDA (black ops 1)

    With Rakes recently announced full time commitment to GH, and my rekindled interest in game hacking, I decided I want to make a tutorial here. Here we go... I'm going to use black ops 1 for this, but as all the cod games are built on the exact same engine, you should be able to do this in all...
  9. salmonseasoning

    Solved IDA SigMaker for CreateMove

    Me being lazy, I am trying to get the Signature of CreateMove in CS:GO. I already have located it and used SigMaker to generate it. However, in-code, or when I re-open IDA Pro, it can't find the correct (or any) pattern. new CPattern("client.dll"...
  10. JohnDoe

    Solved Force executable to load DLL on startup

    Hello! I'd like to patch a Windows executable file to load an external DLL on startup instead of having to inject the DLL into the application. Any tips or tutorials on how this could be achieved? Thanks.
  11. Rake

    Discuss Massive Collection of IDA Plugins

    I never saw a list this big. Use google translate The only one I really use is ClassInformer tbh this is a smaller list but it's all in english onethawt/idaplugins-list
  12. Rake

    Guide IDA Pro Beginner Guide

    IDA Pro or the Interactive Disassembler is one of the best disassemblers / debuggers on the market. They have a free version that does basic disassembly but the real magic is with the paid version that includes the Hex Rays Decompiler that can decompile functions to psuedocode which is...
  13. Rake

    Tutorial IDA Pro Dark Theme - IDASkins & IdaConsonance

    Dark theme in IDA is made of two parts: zyantific/IDASkins eugeneching/ida-consonance If you're using IDA 6.5 - > 6.9 you will need IDASkins 1.4.1 For all versions of IDA you can use the same ida-consonance for...
  14. Pedroma34

    Solved IDA 1491 error when I attach a process

    I've tried all debuggers and I get errors in all of them when I attach to a process. When I use LocalWindows debugger, I get 1491 error, and when I try other debuggers it says "Could not initialize WinDbg." Anyone knows what's the problem here? Note that when I open IDA-64bit I don't get this...
  15. BrendYs

    Solved Minecraft Windows 10 drawing help

    Okay so first of all I made an external cheat for MC:BE and then i decided to go internal. So i added some of the hacks from the external one. BUT I don't know how to get the render shit from ida, so i can draw text to show when the cheats are toggled here is an example from another internal...
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