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  1. I

    Guide How anti-cheats detect system emulation

    This is an article made in collaboration with Daax, ajkhoury and drew. Might be useful for those wondering how hypervisors can be detected and the current techniques used by commercial anti-cheats. "As our first article addressing the various methods of detecting the presence of VMMs, whether...
  2. 2

    Solved Virtual Machine

    I've heard a few people mention using a hypervisor or virtual machine to avoid the use of a driver for debugging/the actual cheat. I'm curious as to how you would mitigate the performance hit from running a game in a VM. I looked at a Douggem video where he appeared to be debugging a VM running...
  3. RyccoSN

    Source Code Stealthy debugging framework using Intel VT-x hypervisor - VivienneVMM

    I was browsing around and found this framework that uses VT-x hypervisor to bypass anti-cheat detection. Found the project pretty interesting, the author said he has been using it to bypass Overwatch anticheat (Warden) since beginning of 2018. https://github.com/changeofpace/VivienneVMM...
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