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  1. iPower

    Tutorial MMU Virtualization via Intel EPT

    Since not everyone knows about @Daax's blog, I've decided to share his upcoming MMU virtualization series, which is a good read for those here who want to build a hypervisor from scratch that supports shadow page hooks. Link to the series index: MMU Virtualization via Intel EPT - Index -...
  2. _xeroxz

    Source Code Hyper-V Hacking Framework, works on every version of windows 10 (2004-1511) AMD & Intel

    Some work on hyper-v... nothing much... 🚬 Voyager - A Hyper-V Hacking Framework For Windows 10 x64 (AMD & Intel) Voyager is a project designed to offer module injection and vmexit hooking for both AMD & Intel versions of Hyper-V. This project works on all versions of Windows 10-x64...
  3. L

    Question Hypervisor, Anti-cheats, and what's in between

    Ok, So just started learning about kernels, etc, Actually bought one of the books mentioned in one of the guides, of windows internals. so I reached the hypervisor section which seems that is an important tool to understand, So I just want to make sure I get what it means, and correct me where...
  4. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Basic intro to simplevisor and CPUID

    I'd forgotten how much I loved Microsoft's shitty dependency hell, so it took me literally 4 hours to get the WDK and DDK installed. Long story short, SimpleVisor will build fine in vs2019 but by default it'll use DDK 10.0 and you need to manually change this to whatever version of DDK you have...
  5. iPower

    Guide How anti-cheats detect system emulation

    This is an article made in collaboration with Daax, ajkhoury and drew. Might be useful for those wondering how hypervisors can be detected and the current techniques used by commercial anti-cheats. "As our first article addressing the various methods of detecting the presence of VMMs, whether...
  6. 2

    Solved Virtual Machine

    I've heard a few people mention using a hypervisor or virtual machine to avoid the use of a driver for debugging/the actual cheat. I'm curious as to how you would mitigate the performance hit from running a game in a VM. I looked at a Douggem video where he appeared to be debugging a VM running...
  7. RyccoSN

    Source Code Stealthy debugging framework using Intel VT-x hypervisor - VivienneVMM

    I was browsing around and found this framework that uses VT-x hypervisor to bypass anti-cheat detection. Found the project pretty interesting, the author said he has been using it to bypass Overwatch anticheat (Warden) since beginning of 2018. https://github.com/changeofpace/VivienneVMM...
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