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  1. SICGames88

    Question Hooked DeviceContext isn't able to obtain RenderTargetView with this game?!

    My custom DirectX 11 example is fine. Fallout 4 is fine. This one game doesn't return a ID3D11RenderTargetView. What game does that? It has D3D11.DLL file in it. Able to hook into the Present function. But how in the world can a backbuffer not have a RenderTargetView? Very stumped over here...
  2. SICGames88

    Source Code OpenGL Screen Capture Using MS Detours in Easy Mode

    This source code has been tested on Minecraft. MS Detours can be found on microsoft's github page. There's a tiny small problem but is readily fixed by forcing the window to become focused. This is the DLLMain part: BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HMODULE hModule, DWORD...
  3. HuniePop

    Solved Call UE2 Game Functions

    Hey fellow hackers I'm currently trying to figure out where to start when it comes to calling UE2 Game Functions through DLL Injection in C++. I understand that you need an address of the function, it's return type and parameters, however I can't seem to understand how to get these data. Is...
  4. J

    Solved DX11 Buffer Data

    Hello all, So I'm looking to extract some info from D3D11 games. Mainly buffer information. Anyway, I first came across this thread: Source Code - D3D11 Barebones hook PoC I'm studying the code to learn what I can from it. I compiled it and it works great! No issues hooking whatsoever (in the...
  5. V

    Solved Unhooking Trampoline

    Hi! I followed the trampoline hook tutorial, hooking the SwapBuffer. I have tried writing an unhook method, but I'm not really experienced in this matter. My plan is to write back the stolen bytes, and when checking in cheat engine it seems to work. But when I use FreeLibrary Assault Cube...
  6. xxxtarnatiiion

    Source Code Another "Black Ops II" lazy trainer.

    Hello, with the quarantine, I decided to work on "Black Ops IV" & "Modern Warfare" and I found my old "Black Ops II" trainer. It's very incomplete, no visibility check etc. Saw that Rake's 100% contributing to this forum, so if anyone is interested, I could do complete tutorials like hacking...
  7. Mystic

    Tutorial How to use Vcpkg to easily add libs to your projects

    While writing my own hooking "engine", I came across the need for a disassembler. Who in their right minds would write their own disassembler for x86/x64, when there are approximately 50 trillion free and open source disassembler libraries already available? Right, so Capstone seemed like a very...
  8. TelepathicFart

    Question Input interception makes the game unstable

    Hi, I have ImGui working inside a game that uses directx 9. I've hooked wndproc to filter mouse inputs by storing the value of WantCaptureMouse and use it in my wndproc detour like this: bool capture = false; //Contains io.WantCaptureMouse LRESULT __stdcall WndProc(const HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg...
  9. E

    Solved Hook question

    Hi, I have a working hook methods and a working hook, however void myfunc() { cout<<"xxxxxxxx" << "\n"; } // WORKS ========================= void __declspec(naked) func() { __asm { mov ecx, 0x000000EC jmp[jmpBackAddress] } // DOESN'T WORK...
  10. pkdarn

    Solved (Clarification) Are hooks enough to bypass an anti-cheat?

    I'm creating an ESP and I'm a bit confused as to whether extra steps are needed to bypass an anticheat. I'm using a trampoline hook on the EndScene function to draw my ESP. Besides whichever injection method I use, would it be undetected considering I do everything correctly? My apologies if...
  11. mrkinaujr

    Solved D3D11 Hook again.

    Well hello again, like my last thread i tried to create a Hook for D3DKMTPresent. I successfully created a Hook and everything. My problem is now i can't get the Device via the SwapChain. It gets a Access Violation because its reading at a invalid pointer. I therefore checked with Cheat Engine...
  12. Pedroma34

    Solved How do I externally detour/hook?

    Yes I have read the thread about hooking, and it briefly touches on external detouring, but it basically just says that it is more complicated than internally hooking. Is there a tutorial for external hooking?
  13. 2

    Solved x64 hooking problems

    So I'm at a loss. Recently I've finished writing a 64bit trampoline hook, but I'm running into an issue. I'm using the function to hook "SetViewAngles" in the 64bit version of Garry's Mod. However, it crashes in the actual hook function. I've run the visual studio debugger on it and it seems to...
  14. drew6017

    Source Code Simple x64 External C Trampoline Hook

    What is a hook? You can read all about detours and trampoline hooks for x86 in this excellent article by Rake. It's a little different in x64 because we have to load the address we want to jump to into a register before actually jumping to it. The overall goal is to inject our code at a certain...
  15. I

    Source Code x64 Discord Overlay Hooking Example - DirectX 11

    Just posting a quick snippet in case someone wants to know how to hook Discord's overlay: using f_present = HRESULT ( __stdcall* )( IDXGISwapChain * pthis, UINT sync_interval, UINT flags ); f_present o_present = nullptr; HRESULT __stdcall hk_present( IDXGISwapChain * pthis, UINT sync_interval...
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