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    Question Calling Mono functions from C++ Hook by name

    Hi all, So I have this IL2CPP game that I have the function names of. Currently I'm using ASI Hook to edit the game functions and call them to my will. However the game updated today, and as expected, all addresses have changed. In Cheat Engine I can go to Mono -> Dissect Mono and it will load...
  2. Flickery

    Solved Trampoline hook returns execution access violation error

    Hi guys, So I'm trying to hook a function on csgo. I got the function sig and I created an instance of the function: typedef int(__thiscall* someFunc)(DWORD*, int); someFunc oFunc;//original function I then assigned my gateway address to the original funcAddress: oFunc =...
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    Source Code KasperskyHook - Hook Windows system calls

    While researching Kaspersky components, I thought it was an interesting idea to write a custom project that lets me hook system calls by using Kaspersky's hypervisor to take a closer look at what it is doing. Instructions about how to compile and use are in this repo: iPower/KasperskyHook...
  4. Flickery

    Solved Hook fails with wrong relativeJmpAddress

    Hey everyone, so after completing the first hacking book, I went ahead and chose CS:GO as a game to train with. So I re-wrote what I had learned and created a Hook Class, here are the declarations: class Hook { BYTE* oBytes;//original bytes at hkAddress uintptr_t*...
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