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  1. HexMurder

    Solved Casting from BYTE* to integer yielding wrong results

    Trying to get a modulebase externally and I keep getting the wrong result. You can see in the debugger the modEntry.modBaseAddr is holding the correct value of 0x400000. Once i cast to uintptr_t it hold some bullshit(assuming the order of the bytes are getting mixed up). I have tried multiple...
  2. HexMurder

    Solved Pointers in Reclass

    Hello all. Been quite some time since I took a crack at reversing a game and I ran into some unexpected trouble almost right off the bat (lmao). I can't seem to be able to explore pointers on reclass. In the example image you can see clearly that 0x288 is a pointer. When I change it to a pointer...
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