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  1. romelurot123

    Question D3D9 Present Hook Error on windows 10

    Hello , I've tried to use Present Hook but error on windows 10 Pro This was working for some time but now causes an error. (EndScene, BeginScene, DrawIndexPrimitive, Reset) works fine btw. Also noticed that calling ESP on EndScene causes blackscreen stuttering. Hoping someone might be able...
  2. austin101006

    Solved OpenGL transparent window

    Hello I am making a external radar cheat for Among Us and I would like to know if there is any way I could make my OpenGL window transparent?
  3. HexMurder

    Solved Casting from BYTE* to integer yielding wrong results

    Trying to get a modulebase externally and I keep getting the wrong result. You can see in the debugger the modEntry.modBaseAddr is holding the correct value of 0x400000. Once i cast to uintptr_t it hold some bullshit(assuming the order of the bytes are getting mixed up). I have tried multiple...
  4. HexMurder

    Solved Pointers in Reclass

    Hello all. Been quite some time since I took a crack at reversing a game and I ran into some unexpected trouble almost right off the bat (lmao). I can't seem to be able to explore pointers on reclass. In the example image you can see clearly that 0x288 is a pointer. When I change it to a pointer...
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