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  1. Rablidad

    Discuss What I have been working on, thanks to GH!

    Hello guys, just wanted to share a game bot I've been working on since a couple months, I've been learning so much about game hacking, therefore I decided it was time to make a bot for a game I always played, well, here is a video of it, the game is quite big and diverse. It's mainly making the...
  2. Rablidad

    Source Code C# x64 External Trampoline Hook

    Hello guys, a few days ago I wrote this very simple C# external trampoline hook, so I wanted to share it so other people could use it/learn from it HOW IT WORKS? 1 -> It reads and copies the original code from the target memory address (it is used later for cleaning the hook when the work is...
  3. Noctis

    Solved is IOS Hacking a thing here cant find anything about it am new :)

    Hey Sorry for the Question But i am Newish but is IOS game hacking a thing here i have looked around and even searched Multiple times but all i can Find is Android Hacking i have Good knowledge About hacking unity games and even Sub_x games that require IDA PRO Delete if not aloud Thanks
  4. andrea1980345

    Question Send keypress to a game [DirectInput] [Python]

    Hello boyz :D I'm trying to learn to send keypress to some game with no window in focus, so, when is minimized. The game is the old Metin2 (Private Servers). First i do some test in the Notepad, and if it works, i test in the game (tell me if is a bad idea please). I've tried with HexCode but...
  5. Royce

    Question [C#] Pre load injection

    Hey, I have a question on how pre-load injection works. The game I have a question for is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The language I was wondering how this would work / is possible is in C#. My question is, how does pre load injection work? As in pre-load, I mean have the game closed and...
  6. X

    Solved Memory hacking on a Java game ?

    Hello there, I'm trying to memory hack for Minecraft but actually I would like to know how to do that on any Java game (but I would prefer Minecraft lmfao) so I did some trials and errors, it seems like pointer scanning isn't a thing here, and addy to offsets are constantly changing and being...
  7. pehzudemzett

    Solved how to create time limited access for cheats?

    Hey, as the Title says im looking for "how to make a timelimited serial for my cheat" is there any ressource how to learn? or any programm for it? For Example: i finished my Hack, want to give Access to others or sell the Hack to someone for just 1 Day (whatever)
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