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  1. A

    Question Karos Packet fuzzing

    Hey guys! I hack old mmorpg with packages. The packet structure in 99% of cases is as follows: type 1: 11 11 22 22 22 22 00 00 00 00.. type 2: 11 11 22 22 22 22 33 33 33 33 00 00 00 00.. here: 11 11 - unique package identifier 22 22 22 22 - packet counter 33 33 33 33 - hero id 00 00 00 00 - data...
  2. Kronos21

    Source Code TorchLight2 v1.25.9.5 D3D Menu Hack v1.0

    I Started to work on a new project.. I'm trying to reverse the entire structure of torchlight2 next update.. Yet i've made a d3d imgui menu for this game and i have also found the entity pointer.. // Entity Object Entity = 0x032107AC; // Player Object Entity...
  3. KF1337

    Source Code [CSGO | Internal] Autostrafe

    Requirements: - hooking CreateMove - know what your UserCMD is for. What is autostrafe? Strafing in CSGO means pressing your left/right key when you are moving your mouse in-air. This gives you extra movement speed. We are going to automate "pressing" your keys by manipulating the UserCMD...
  4. KF1337

    Solved Internal cheat: global hook

    I am currently looking at different functions to hook, so i can have a global hook that keeps track of and updates all my data. I know that it is advised to hook a function that runs once per "actual" frame, or something that runs once per game tick. So far, i am hooking the function that...
  5. SICGames88

    Discuss What's the most awesome hack that you've pulled off?

    For me, It was using Haar Cascade Classifier (Facial recognition) to detect a stinking Training Bot in a game. But I've seen some videos that are madly insane. Magic Bullets was one of them. Apparently, player shoots and enemy dies. I know it's tied into the enemy's health bar. But that's in...
  6. dretax

    Source Code CSGO Kernel Driver Multihack

    So a couple of weeks ago I started learning my way of Kernel Drivers with the help of @Life_45, and @Daax 's articles also provided me valueable information with I was looking for. There is still much to learn I'm 200% sure about that, but I feel like I'm on the right track, and I feel like...
  7. metrix

    Download Thief Hack - ESP, Unlimited Items, NoClip & more

    Game: Thief Genre: Stealth Published: 28. Feb. 2014 Engine: UE3 Graphics Engine: DX10 and DX11 Features Simple ESP Unlimited Items Unlimited Focus Stealth Mode Freeze NPCs (well, or let them do what they did last :D) Panic (F9) Menu (INS) NoClip Please don't post anywhere else without...
  8. hybrid5145

    Source Code Assault Cube || Simple Read/Write Memory Hack

    I'm aware that this is probably one of the worst cheats you have ever seen if you are experienced but I just recently (about 5 days ago) started to get into game hacking and prior to that the only knowledge I had was from code compilers I had found and made calculators with on the app store. To...
  9. F

    Solved C# Internal hack tutorial?

    I have finished the "external hack" section of the beginners tutorial, and I coded an external hack for Assault Cube using C#, so I am quite comfortable with finding pointers, offsets, editing memory etc. The problem is, now that I want to learn internal hack, I can scarcely find any resources...
  10. H

    Solved Help / Learn how to update Offsets for cs go

    So I have been wondering for a long time what to do when there comes a cs go update... Last time my cheat crashed, but thankfully my friend helped me. This time he told me that next time it happens I should come here for good support:). I already knows how to get my own offsets trough...
  11. MrMardy

    Solved Changing packets in server side game

    Hello. Week ago I interested in changing packets. I wanted to change packets of my gems, or buying smth from the game store with changed walue of items what i get. I started to use WireShark, i located my ip and game ip where is sending data. I thinket its more easy if i buy item in game and...
  12. F

    Solved Hook Heaven's gate

    Hello, Today i tryed to hook heaven's gate, at the address : fs : [0xC0] My trampoline is set succesfully and in the detour function i can see parameters of the hooked function( for exemple NtRPM,...). But after i jump on the heaven's gate in order to resume the execution, the api is...
  13. S

    Off Topic Good games to practice hacking?

    Can any of the experienced hackers give a list of the games i should start working on? Just looking to get overall better Would rly appreciate it
  14. Rake

    Video Tutorial picoCTF Walkthrough Writeup 2019

    What is picoCTF? picoCTF is a free computer security game targeted at middle and high school students, created by security experts at Carnegie Mellon University. The game consists of a series of challenges centered around a unique storyline where participants must reverse engineer, break, hack...
  15. Meanjellybean

    Solved Csgo internal glow

    Hey all, I have been working on this internal csgo glow hack for the past few days. Its currently working and has the defuse function (white glow) working also. Special credit to Rake and Cody for their input and also feedback. // dllmain.cpp : Defines the entry point for the DLL...
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