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  1. _Kalu_

    Solved Done with everything. Time to bypas, but don't know were to start

    Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum but i've been watching all Rake's videos through the end. And now i come up with a 'must do' question. I know now how to reverse engineer, hook, and write c++ code ( it was my first language so i'm ok with it) but i really can't find out how to start learning...
  2. Hagrid

    Tutorial How to reverse engineer MineSweeper cheats

    PART 1 - Reversing (this thread) PART 2 - Coding the "hack" (post below) As you may have guessed from the title ITT we will be reversing Minesweeper and then writing a simple "hack" for it. First go over to Windows Minesweeper XP: Free game download to download the original WinXP minesweeper...
  3. st3k

    Tutorial Recommended C++ Beginners Course

    To all you starting out with learning C++ I would like to recommend a course I have been doing the last couple of months. You can get the course on for a really cheap price, this guy explains everything really well and goes in-depth on the topics. He explains everything in a way even...
  4. Rake

    Guide Counter-Strike Source Game Hacking Tutorial Guide

    Introduction GH Guides are meant to serve as a jumping off point as you begin to learn a specific topic or hack a certain game. This is our CSS hacking guide. If you're just getting started with CSS, bookmark this thread and checkout all the resources we have to offer here. We have collected...
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