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  1. C

    Question Calling a game function in own present hook

    Hey, quick question, I'm trying to add a visibility check right now which means that I have to call the raycasting functions. There are 2 functions and I get crash shortly after I call the second one. I want to keep using my own present hook simply because I try to keep this project as plug and...
  2. C

    Solved GTAV getting EntityList via Sig

    Quick question guys, I just got back into game hacking, I'm currently trying to get the EntityList this way as well. (I got the offset for it and it works, but I would prefer a signature) I never worked with x64 games in the past and C++ isn't my main programming language, but if I...
  3. Hype

    Download Force close GTA San Andreas by pressing F6

    Note: For some reasons Windows Defender treats that file as a Trojan Horse, if this is problem for you then you have source code so you can compile it anyways in 10 seconds. Simple CMD program, after launch, it will wait for you to press F6. If you do, it will terminate GTA San Andreas process...
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