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  1. G

    Source Code Simple Externel Glow ESP (Kernel Mode)

    This is my first simple glow esp. Kernel mode memory read/writing, cheat working without user mode application. If u have your own EV code signing, it will work on faceit. (tested) <How to use?> 1. Build with Release 64bit. 2. "sc create CsgoGOTT binpath=C:\pathtosysfile\CsgoGOTT.sys...
  2. JackSkellington

    Solved TF2 glow working external but not internal

    Hi i ask this question because that's been 1 week im trying to figure out what's this problem came from This is my external code DWORD dwEntityList = 0xC4B0D4; DWORD m_bGlowEnabled = 0xDBD; DWORD dwLocalPlayer = 0xC3D5B0; DWORD m_iTeamNum = 0x0B0; DWORD m_iHealth = 0x0A8; int main() {...
  3. obdr

    Source Code CSGO Internal Hack

    Just releasing my CS:GO Internal Hack that I've been working on this past few days. In case the cheat is outdated, you can either use hazedumper or GH Offset Dumper to grab the new offsets. I'm gonna keep this thread updated with the new features, as I still have some stuff I want to add, like...
  4. Life_45

    Solved Can't find the issue with kernel glow

    It's my first thread so, sorry for the mistakes and separate code blocks. I've been writing a simple kernel mode csgo glow cheat for a week just to improve myself. It's not fully in kernel mode, i'm using it just for memory read/write functions and hiding my process from enumeration. Debugview...
  5. Meanjellybean

    Question Csgo internal not working

    Hello All, I am having troubles with getting my internal hack to work all of a sudden. Its not the offsets because i have recently updated them. possible the SDK i have been using? I wanted to ask if any one has experienced the same with all the recent updates? See below my code that was...
  6. Meanjellybean

    Solved Csgo internal glow

    Hey all, I have been working on this internal csgo glow hack for the past few days. Its currently working and has the defuse function (white glow) working also. Special credit to Rake and Cody for their input and also feedback. // dllmain.cpp : Defines the entry point for the DLL...
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