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  1. Rake

    Guide GHB4 - Anti-Debug, AntiCheat & Kernel Mode

    This is not a complete part of the Game Hacking Bible. In it's place, here is a collection of our resources related to these topics. Do not be naive and think bypassing anticheat is easy. Main Resources 300+ Threads in the Anti-Debug & Anticheat Forum Section Guide - How to Bypass...
  2. Rake

    Guide GHB0 - Game Hacking Bible Introduction

    Our Game Hacking Bible is the #1 best resource for learning game hacking. It currently consists of 4 books which are each a step by step list of tutorials. Each step builds upon what you learned in the previous tutorial. Each book has 10-20 chapters. Book 1 - Guide - START HERE Beginners...
  3. Rake

    Guide GHB3 - Intermediate Guide to Game Hacking

    So you learned how to use Cheat Engine, Reclass, IDA Pro and how to write external and internal trainers. I also heard you might have learned how to reverse engineer function prototypes and call them too? Well isn't that f*cking dandy. You think you're 1337 now? WRONG. Before you do this...
  4. Rake

    Guide GHB2 - Beginners Guide To Reverse Engineering

    What is reverse engineering? Reverse Engineering is taking bits and bytes and figuring out what they represent, how they are used and why. This is done by using the scientific method which is forming hypotheses and testing them. In the case of reverse engineering computer code we are...
  5. Rake

    Guide GHB1 - Start Here Beginner Guide to Game Hacking

    Want to learn game hacking? Great, you're in the right place. GH is the absolute best place to learn game hacking. We have more resources, that are better organized and cater especially to beginners. We go in depth and explain every piece of the game hacking puzzle. 7 years of work have...
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