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  1. K

    Solved Unhooking a hooked function (function was hooked by nProtect GameGuard)

    I try to send input to a Flyff window with the SendInput function of the Windows API. The problem is that GG gets into every running process and hooks this function. What I did is monitoring the first 5 bytes at the SendInput address (basically just printing them in a console app). So now when I...
  2. D

    Solved Code block that looks like a function, but isnt (?)

    Hi there, got startet with IDA and found a weird occurance. Its a code block in the .text are (idk wether there is a professional word for that), that starts with "align", ends with "retn" and looks like a function but IDA doesnt recognize it as a function. Is that something particular i should...

    Solved Some Game chat function

    Ello i started in game hacking like 4 months ago and just found this forum recently well i was trying to call a game function as training for improving and to see my ability of if i learned something from the videos i watched and the small games i made code for . Well i was trying to call the...
  4. O

    Solved Game crash when running an internal hack

    Heyy !! im requesting a bit of help here i just made a first try dll im still thinking about evalue it this dll call a function that get called when i click a button but when i click the numpad 2 to excute my code after injecting it ofc my game crashes and i wonder why that happens is it cause...
  5. Hype

    Solved [C#] How functions are stored in memory?

    If I create function as static, it will be always that only one in one place since function must be stored in memory. If I create it non-static in a class, and I create a lot of instances of this class like 1000, then there are 1000 copies of function in every class? I know it sounds stupid but...
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