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  1. leBronGaymes

    Source Code Sauerbraten x64 Internal ESP/Aimbot (2021)

    Hello GH, it's time for my first release. This is my ESP/Aimbot for Cube 2: Sauerbraten. The ESP is done via an OpenGL overlay. The Aimbot only snaps when enemies are within the drawn circle which turns red if the aimbot would snap and shoot. I know that triggering the left mouse button via...
  2. DeadM00n

    Source Code Correct angle comparison for FOV aimbot

    Idk why, but usually when someone here tries to find best target for aimbot, what means closest to crosshair, he simply tries to compare angles like they are regular vectors, like this bool operator<(const Vector2 &rhs) const { float l1 = x * x + y * y; float l2 = rhs.x * rhs.x +...
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