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    Tutorial FIFA Hacks #8 - Dumping fifa_ng_db & localized db from RAM

    Recently I've been asked a few times how I've dumped the FIFA 20 database from RAM that I've posted here. Here is the tutorial for it. :) To dump the database and it's xml files you need debugger and something which can copy the bytes from memory into new file. Debugger I use is x64dbg, for...
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    Tutorial FIFA Cheat Tutorial #4 - Edit game .INI files

    FIFA is using .INI files to store configuration for things like player growth, transfers, match sim etc. Nowadays when Frosty Tool suite is allowing us to edit these .ini files in FIFA 19 it's not needed to complicate our life with editing them using Cheat Engine. The problem is that when FIFA...
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    Tutorial FIFA Cheat Tutorial #3 - Find player stamina address

    Usually, in games, stamina/energy is stored as float or double and the value is between "0.0" and "100.0". In FIFA is a little bit different, it's stored as float, but the value is between "0.0" and "1.0". You may think that 0.0 is when our bar is empty and 1.0 when the bar is full, but not in...
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    Tutorial FIFA Cheat Tutorial #2 - Find match time address

    Finding match time address may cause some problems for beginners because value stored in game memory is different than the one that's displayed on screen. So, how to find it? If we are not sure how value is stored we need to change scan type in Cheat Engine (that's the only tool we will use in...
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    Tutorial FIFA Cheat Tutorial #1 - Finding pointer for players database table

    In this post, I'll try to explain how to find a pointer for players database table (actually any database table you want). It's not something for total beginners. I assume that you have basic knowledge about Cheat Engine and x64dbg. Cheat Engine Setup 1. First of all I recommend to set 'Use...
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