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  1. obdr

    Source Code Counter-Strike 1.6 External Bunnyhop Hack for Linux

    This is just a simple external bunnyhop cheat for CS 1.6 (Linux). Tested on Arch Linux. I am remaking my memory lib from scratch and trying to make the Linux version have the exact same code for the one who uses it as the Windows version. I'm going to optimize a little bit more and allow...
  2. S

    Solved Continuous write vs nopping instructions?

    I'm watching through the tutorials and I was wondering, is it bad to continuously write an address? I'm attempting to use what I've learned to make a cheat for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. For the chakra (basically like mana for those who haven't played the game) I am able to write...
  3. X

    Question How to change to secondary weapon - external hack C++

    Hi, recently I was working on a external trigger bot and I had the ideia to make an auto QS for AWP and SSG 08, but when I try to send a key press via C++ defaults functions the game doesn't recognize the command, even when I use the SendKey command. So I was wondering if would exist an offset...
  4. HexMurder

    Source Code C# Direct X Overlay (With Setup)

    Many years ago I spent a large amount of time getting a Direct X overlay to work in C#. I don't believe a method for this has ever been published (could be wrong, haven't been hacking much for some years.) I figured I would give back to the great people here at GH by releasing the source. This...
  5. dretax

    Source Code CSGO Kernel Driver Multihack

    So a couple of weeks ago I started learning my way of Kernel Drivers with the help of @Life_45, and @Daax 's articles also provided me valueable information with I was looking for. There is still much to learn I'm 200% sure about that, but I feel like I'm on the right track, and I feel like...
  6. CroLord

    Solved CSGO writing to camera angles directly

    Camera angles in player class are just projections cuz when I change them nothing happens and they pop back to original value. I found where "real" cam angles are stored but I need to ask if I can modify them through my external cheat. I'm aware that Y camera angle range from -89 to 89 and that...
  7. B

    Solved CSGO Get Player Name External

    Good afternoon. I'm trying to get the names of the players, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Of course for me in GH asking for help is the last option. My state of knowledge: 1. radarBase = client_panorama + dwRadarBase 2. Get all players with the "for" loop 3. radar = radarBase + 0x54...
  8. L

    Solved Help with imgui external

    Hello guided hacking, i want to make an external imgui cheat, i read the forum about imgui external but i dont know how to start creating the file and putting all the files of imgui etc etc. So, if someone knows a forum where i can read it i will really appreciate it . thanks in advance
  9. S

    Solved how to load offsets from hazedumper web

    Hello there! I would like to ask, how can i read some offsets value from hazedumper web? I'd like to use the easiest method because i dont know, how can i use netvar / pattern and someting. ( Im sorry ) This cheat is EXTERNAL! #pragma once #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> // innen...
  10. B

    Solved CSGO External Night Mode

    Hello, I am relatively new to hacking, but not new to programming. I have searched the internet a lot and tried many things myself, but I just can't find a solution. How do I manage to program an external Night Mode? I am relatively sure that the 4 writeMem are correct, but I am not sure about...
  11. I

    Solved External No Smoke

    Hey guys, Im currently working on an External no smoke but im kinda stuck. I initially thought that if i prevent the game from loading the smoke materials i would achieve a no smoke effect. Doing this was easy but it seems like the smoke also triggers some sort of overlay visuals dran on top of...
  12. Nomade

    Source Code Memory Library - MemEx & MemIn

    Code development migrated to Source Code - set of single-header libraries for C/C++ I promise this is my last thread about memory libraries :p. A while back I made a thread about another memory library(it's used externally and does heavy use of shellcode), I consider it not suited for real world...
  13. FadeAdm1n

    Solved sv_cheats Externally? and a second question...

    is it possible to change sv_cheats to 1 or 0 externally with an offset? I've just tried using CE to scan for 999 when i set sv cheats to that value... But nothing popped up... Also i have another question, by using SDK's the cheat will be detected right?
  14. Nexobeta28

    Solved Getting process ID [C++]

    Hello, I started with trainers and mod menus a few days ago. I watched a lot of tutorials and I already made my first simple trainer for assault cube, I need to change the pointers, if anyone wants to help with any advice would be great. [C++] Assault rifle trainer by Nexobeta28 - Pastebin.com...
  15. st3k

    Source Code First AssaultCube Trainer.

    Hi. Started coding and hacking for a little less than a month ago, finished my first external AssaultCube trainer today. Posting it here in case some other beginners like me find it useful. Feedback is appreciated :) #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <TlHelp32.h> #include...
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