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  1. S

    Solved CSGO ESP Box height not scaling properly at different distances

    Hello all, I have recently been working on my own CSGO external box esp and I've managed to get everything working so far. The only issue is the height of the box that I'm using doesn't scale properly. Currently, this is what happens from far away: and this is what happens from point-blank...
  2. G

    Source Code Simple Externel Glow ESP (Kernel Mode)

    This is my first simple glow esp. Kernel mode memory read/writing, cheat working without user mode application. If u have your own EV code signing, it will work on faceit. (tested) <How to use?> 1. Build with Release 64bit. 2. "sc create CsgoGOTT binpath=C:\pathtosysfile\CsgoGOTT.sys...
  3. T

    Solved Revealing Accurate Hitboxes with ESP?

    Hi there! Recently I've been trying to create a hurtbox viewer for Tekken 7. Something like this (Image isn't mine): I've managed to find the hurtboxes and even extend their size but they're invisible. So I've been looking for a method to make them show up. From what I've been reading so far...
  4. ZetaPayne

    Solved CS:GO Internal ESP dropping FPS Significantly

    I have been seriously working on my C++ for the past 2 weeks, I haven't been doing anything except practicing and learning new things about game hacking. About 1 or 2 months ago I learnt how to hook DirectX9 and i implemented ImGui library and some other stuff. I watched GuidedHacking's video on...
  5. J

    Solved 2D Coordinates Seem To Move Incorrectly When I Move My Mouse

    I have been working on this problem for like a week now and I am completely stumped. So pretty much I am making an ESP for Assault Cube, but it's not working quite as expected. I've so far managed to get it to scale correctly at distances, but when I move my mouse it would seem that the 2D...
  6. HexMurder

    Source Code C# Direct X Overlay (With Setup)

    Many years ago I spent a large amount of time getting a Direct X overlay to work in C#. I don't believe a method for this has ever been published (could be wrong, haven't been hacking much for some years.) I figured I would give back to the great people here at GH by releasing the source. This...
  7. 64humans

    Solved FPS drops when drawing tracelines... Unoptimized drawing?

    Hi! Long time no see. It's been a couple of months since I've done any hacking or been active in this community. I had a lot of schoolwork and personal stuff to deal with but thankfully I have some time again and can start hacking a bit more. I am working on a cheat and I want to make things...
  8. metrix

    Download Thief Hack - ESP, Unlimited Items, NoClip & more

    Game: Thief Genre: Stealth Published: 28. Feb. 2014 Engine: UE3 Graphics Engine: DX10 and DX11 Features Simple ESP Unlimited Items Unlimited Focus Stealth Mode Freeze NPCs (well, or let them do what they did last :D) Panic (F9) Menu (INS) NoClip Please don't post anywhere else without...
  9. bigtasty

    Source Code CSGO Grenade tracers - not prediction

    I present to you my grenade tracer class. struct Grenade_t { DWORD entity; std::vector<Vector> positions; float addTime; }; class CGrenade { public: CGrenade(); bool checkGrenades(DWORD ent); void addGrenade(Grenade_t grenade); void updatePosition(DWORD ent, Vector...
  10. obdr

    Source Code CSGO Internal Hack

    Just releasing my CS:GO Internal Hack that I've been working on this past few days. In case the cheat is outdated, you can either use hazedumper or GH Offset Dumper to grab the new offsets. I'm gonna keep this thread updated with the new features, as I still have some stuff I want to add, like...
  11. Liftu

    Question hands and feet positions freezing in bone matrix

    Hi guys, I encountered a new issue while making a bone ESP for CSS. for some reason, the position of the hands and feet of the players freeze when I'm not very close to them (like > 4 meters), so when I'm getting closer, the position updates. Anyone have an idea why ?
  12. neonplanet

    Source Code GMOD Hack - Internal ESP & Aimbot

    Here is a little GMOD hack project that took me a little while to make. Thanks to @SystemX32 for the interface functions / calling v functions. This is not ImGui menu based. It has no menu at all. Just for learning purposes! Gmod Hack Features: Aimbot (smoothing feature is in aimbot.cpp in...
  13. Liftu

    Solved CSS WorldToScreen Troubles

    Hi there, I have some troubles getting my WorldToScreen function working correctly on CSS. I followed this tutorial to get the WorldToScreen function. And I found a bunch of different viewMatrix in memory but this address is the one I get the best result with. The display of my esp box on the x...
  14. P

    Solved Calling __thiscall problem

    I have found a function that clearly seems to be a thiscall. (IDA) int __thiscall getMobName(_DWORD *this, int buffer, char entity) Its getting called like this, the this pointer being passed to it seems to be the same static address everywhere (the one I have named "creatureNamesBase") push...
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