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  1. Wolven

    Solved Finding the CSGO Entity List

    At 9:53 in the video, Rake finds what accesses the pointer to the local player instance. When I do this I get only one access: I am using the most recent offset from hazed dumper. I think this is happening is because either the tutorial is a little old and csgo has updated or i'm just making a...
  2. N

    Solved Engine fails to get LocalPlayer

    So since you guys basically forced me to make my own sdk (which i don't blame you for its actually really fun and I'm learning a lot) I now can't seem to get the engine to work. I get the engine by: IEngineClient* EngineClient = (IEngineClient*)GetInterface("engine.dll", "VEngineClient"); and...
  3. N

    Solved Getting the entity health internally

    So I am trying to get the entity's health but there is always an error I'm not able to fix. It's also an error that I haven't seen before. Its LNK2001 (Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol "class CInterfaces * Interfaces" (?Interfaces@@3PAVCInterfaces@@A)) the code is as follows: //alloc...
  4. BDKPlayer

    Question AoE hack crashes due to read acccess violation

    Hey guys, the AoE hack ressource I posted (Source Code - Age of Empires II (2013) Hackbase) has a huge problem. It sometimes (may take 5 or 50 minutes) crashes which sucks in an RTS game that doesnt even support reconnecting :sick: I wasted way to much time on this already but I would really...
  5. xNocken2

    Solved I've been banned 3 times and I'm still an idiot

    I try to get a entitylist and already found one. The only problem is that i dont know how many Entitys will be there. Somehow when i generate the addresses for the 1000 entitys i list there everything works. But when i change the health the game crashes when the end of the entitylist is reached...
  6. marko00

    Solved Entity list mean

    What is Real entity list mean (real mean) i cant understand what is it and what contain
  7. Rake

    Video Tutorial Reverse Engineering - How To Find the CSGO Entity List

    Learn how to find the CSGO Entitylist using Cheat Engine and reverse engineer it's structure. In CSGO the entitylist is an array of clientInfo objects, these objects contain pointers to the actual entity. There are many ways to find it, this is just one, but it represents common techniques you...
  8. xNocken

    Solved Find entitylist (i searched thee whole internet for this)

    I try to get the entity list in Nuclear dawn. The thing is that everything is far away from each other. In one point is the position in another place is the health ans in another is the ammo... The i tried to get the entitylist with just the position but nothing works. I tried the method from...
  9. Icew0lf

    Video Tutorial Skyrim Hack Tutorial Series - ESP, EntityList & NoClip Cheats

    In this tutorial series you will learn how to hack Skyrim, more specifically you will learn how to: Use a Direct3D overlay Find the entitylist Make a NoClip/Fly hack Find the view matrix Find the bone matrix Make an ESP Teleport yourself to a mapmarker Edit assembly instructions This video...
  10. kuhi

    Solved Old game Tibia find nearby creatures

    I'm trying to read the nearby creatures "aka battle list" in an old version of game Tibia. In Cheat Engine results, it's easy to detect which is the correct address, there are only 2 values and only 1 of them is moving bytes when checking the memory region (creature look direction) When I...
  11. T

    Solved PUBG Hacks - PUBG Mobile - Unable to scan for AOB

    After a bit of reversing I found the class which I believe contains the player's coordinates (I guess they're bone coordinates cuz I got multiple of them and they change in a similar fashion). I don't know what's its called since I don't know what Unreal Engine 4 calls its components. I noted...
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