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  1. H

    Solved My EndScene Hook crashes CSGO after a while

    Hi guys, Sorry for asking (another) question and for the title not being very imaginative lol. I have been following the CSGO Direct3D9 EndScene Hook & D3D9 ESP Tutorial Series and I'm somewhat the way through, I wanted to make a menu before I started on my ESP so I skipped to the last video to...
  2. Z

    Solved Hooking EndScene

    Hello there, I am trying to Hook EndScene via Detour: Nukem9/detours My problem is when I want to detour the Function: HRESULT _stdcall hkEndScene(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice); oEndScene = (EndScene)Detours::X86::DetourFunction((uintptr_t)d3d9Device[42],(uintptr_t)Hooks::hkEndScene); I cant...
  3. Rake

    Source Code D3D9 EndScene Hook Template Using Dummy Device

    This is a simple D3D9 EndScene Hook Template, you can hit compile and inject it into any Direct3D9 game and it will show a red box on the screen. Credits to @Broihon @0xDEC0DE @Solaire their code was instrumental in creating this little template. This template gets the D3D9 Device Pointer and...
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