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  1. Rake

    Tutorial How to Unload or Eject a DLL

    DLL ejection is the process of unloading a dynamic link library that has been injected using a DLL Injector. How to eject a DLL is a very common question. Sadly, this is taught in the Game Hacking Bible and if people actually did the tutorials they would know how to do it. So in this brief...
  2. notgoodatall

    Solved How to fully unload Dll from target process?

    Hello GH, So I am working on a new project right now, and there is one thing that really bothers my perfectionist mindset. When ever I want to reinject my Dll I always have to close the game to fully unload my Dll for a reason, I was not able to find out. My game does not crash when I call me...
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