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  1. as21

    Solved UE4 WorldToScreen Issue

    Priorities Hello GH family First of all, I want to say this. This is My First UE4 Experience. I'm Using W2S Below. The Data Out Is Incorrect void WorldToScreen3(Vector3 worldLocation, Vector3 &screenLocation) { Vector3 rotation = driver::read<Vector3>(connection, processID, CameraManager +...
  2. I

    Source Code CVEAC-2020: Bypassing EasyAntiCheat integrity checks

    This is an article that I wrote for Secret Club. Figured out that you guys would find it interesting: "Cheat developers have specific interest in anti-cheat self-integrity checks. If you can circumvent them, you can effectively patch out or “hook” any anti-cheat code that could lead to a kick...
  3. CheatingEnabled9380

    Intro Introduction - CheatingEnabled9380

    Hello GH community, my name is Danilo and I'm 23. I found this place searching ways to create cheats from scratch, my dream is work on hard anticheats (aka. EAC and BattleEye) and bypass them to inject amazing cheats to the games (Rust, Arma 3). Wish me luck on this journey!
  4. jackno

    Tutorial use a small wdk bug bypass dump xigncode game

    :) Hello everyone , I'm hamburger. I'm noob Trainer I am working hard to learn about wdk information. But now, I found xigncode's xhunter1.sys has a minor bug. let's see see let's try attach and yes it can't So I read some wdk books. I thought about the problem of this driver...
  5. I

    Download Easy Anti-Cheat - EAC Driver Dumps - Unpacked Modules

    Since I haven't posted anything for a while, I decided to post some EAC Modules that I dumped and unpacked. They're for x86 games (except the lsass one) but I'm gonna include the modules for Rust later. The first dump is attached in this first post, more will follow. The most important ones...
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