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  1. Kuroyama

    Question Questions regarding EAC and Kernel Mode driver.

    So I have created my driver, it works fine (I use kdmapper). Right now it's not detected (yet), I can do some pointer read/write operations using MmCopyVirtualMemory. But there is something I'm concern of. Questions: 1.Can EAC detect my driver if I use kdmappper? 2. Can EAC detect my...
  2. austin101006

    Solved Where do I need to start to make a HWID spoofer / Cleaner?

    As most of do, I enjoy the challenge of working on cheats and stuff like that but recently I heard about something called a HWID spoofer it seems like a fun concept to get into I just have no idea where to start I've looked online and they just tell you how to obtain the ids but not clean traces...
  3. _xeroxz

    Download Using BattlEye to bypass EAC/Vanguard.

    BEDaisy places inline hooks on both NtWriteVirtualMemory and NtReadVirtualMemory inside of lsass.exe and csrss.exe. The reason for these hooks are because csrss.exe and lsass.exe need handles with PROCESS_VM_OPERATION in order to function properly. The handles that csrss.exe and lsass.exe would...
  4. Rake

    Guide How to Bypass EAC - Easy Anti Cheat

    Easy Anti Cheat is probably the most popular kernel mode anticheat, it is used in many games and is owned by Epic Games. It is better than Battleye and is therefore harder to bypass. If you want to bypass it you must also have a kernel driver. If a game has easy anticheat you will not be able...
  5. M

    Solved MmCopyVirtualMemory fails with STATUS_PARTIAL_COPY when working with memory of 64-bit process

    I've been developing a kernel mode driver that would allow me to copy arbitrary sections of memory between processes using the MmCopyVirtualMemory function. The user-mode program would call the driver passing source and target PIDs as well as memory addresses and number of bytes to be copied...
  6. iPower

    Guide How anti-cheats detect system emulation

    This is an article made in collaboration with Daax, ajkhoury and drew. Might be useful for those wondering how hypervisors can be detected and the current techniques used by commercial anti-cheats. "As our first article addressing the various methods of detecting the presence of VMMs, whether...
  7. iPower

    Source Code CVEAC-2020: Bypassing EasyAntiCheat integrity checks

    This is an article that I wrote for Secret Club. Figured out that you guys would find it interesting: "Cheat developers have specific interest in anti-cheat self-integrity checks. If you can circumvent them, you can effectively patch out or “hook” any anti-cheat code that could lead to a kick...
  8. iPower

    Source Code IronSight Cheats - Ironsight Internal Multi Hack

    Sup guys! Me and my friends have decided to make our Ironsight cheat public because we're done with this game. Ironsight is a first person shooter taking place in the future, where soldieres fight over natural resources with both nation state armed forces and private security forces. With...
  9. J

    Solved EAC DLL Permissions

    I am on Win 7 64BIT - SP1 if i deny all permissions to EAC dll after its loaded into memory (after i run the game) while the dll is in memory does it still have full functionality as if not denied? EDIT: I forgot to add, if I deny permission before loading game, I dont get pass the login screen.
  10. iPower

    Download Easy Anti-Cheat - EAC Driver Dumps - Unpacked Modules

    Since I haven't posted anything for a while, I decided to post some EAC Modules that I dumped and unpacked. They're for x86 games (except the lsass one) but I'm gonna include the modules for Rust later. The first dump is attached in this first post, more will follow. The most important ones...
  11. andomort

    Solved Getting offsets from a game protected by EasyAntiCheat

    I need help getting offsets from a game with EasyAntiCheat. Game in question is Robocraft (Free game by Freejam). With BattlEye, in a game such as R6Siege, you can simple suspend BEService, and BEDaisy driver will automatically end while you are offline in a custom match or whatever. From...
  12. T

    Solved [Ironsight][EAC] Color Triggerbot GetASyncKeyState not logging

    So I made a simple color triggerbot using fleep's videos and, although it is unoptimized, it works. At least when I go into photoshop and color the RGB values I have selected for the trigger. The problem comes when I get into Ironsight (Ironsight – Futuristic Warfare) . The program won't log any...
  13. cNoEvil

    Solved need EAC bypass willing to pay $100

    ....*ANGER* fuck eac dude i don't understand obj-c. i'll pay one of you $100 for a EAC bypass.
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