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  1. Kuroyama

    Question Questions regarding EAC and Kernel Mode driver.

    So I have created my driver, it works fine (I use kdmapper). Right now it's not detected (yet), I can do some pointer read/write operations using MmCopyVirtualMemory. But there is something I'm concern of. Questions: 1.Can EAC detect my driver if I use kdmappper? 2. Can EAC detect my...
  2. I

    Solved user defined namespaces in kmdf

    solved many thanks
  3. D

    Solved Kernel MmCopyVirtualMemory always returns 0

    Hi I've been trying to read process memory with code below case IOCTL_READ_REQUEST: { PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST ReadInput = (PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST)Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer; PEPROCESS Process; if (NT_SUCCESS(PsLookupProcessByProcessId(ULongToHandle(0 /* <-- game pid*/), &Process)))...
  4. XdarionX

    Discuss How would you exploit these drivers?

    Vanguard is blocking these drivers, I have never heard about them so I looked inside what can I find and to my big surprise I found nothing. These drivers do not import anything suspicios (KeStackAttachProcess, ZwMapViewOfSection, MmMapIoSpace etc..), they even dont have ioctl dispatch routines...
  5. dretax

    Video Tutorial How to Make a Windows Kernel Mode Driver Tutorial

    This tutorial series will teach you everything you need to make a kernel driver on Windows. This video gives you a basic insight on how kernel drivers work, how can you setup your Visual Studio to be able to make & compile one. It also shows you how to view debug output of your drivers. What...
  6. dretax

    Source Code CSGO Kernel Driver Multihack

    So a couple of weeks ago I started learning my way of Kernel Drivers with the help of @Life_45, and @Daax 's articles also provided me valueable information with I was looking for. There is still much to learn I'm 200% sure about that, but I feel like I'm on the right track, and I feel like...
  7. XdarionX

    Question Vulnerable driver I/O access

    Hello, for a while I have been reversing ioctl dispatch routines of some drivers and the most interesting stuff I found was only access to in & out instructions. I can read and write arbitrary byte at arbitrary port. I heard that it may have an impact on security... but my question is how can it...
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