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  1. SICGames88

    Tutorial Creating CLI C++ Class Library For Your C# Projects

    You could create a C++ dynamic library and then use inside your C# Application: [DLLImport("HookEngine.dll")] private extern static void Hook(); Or you could enjoy both worlds. Creating a CLI C++ Class Library to interact with your C# Application. This is just a template. Basic understanding...
  2. tappineapple

    Solved Can't change architecture of DLL?

    I have just finished the first internal hack tutorial and I am unable to inject my dll into assault cube. I believe it's because I am unable to change the architecture of the dll file. In the tutorial he has the option to change the architecture and start the debugger but on mine I don't see...
  3. HexMurder

    Solved Cannot open dll for writing after injecting

    Can anyone tell me why this is? Started with Icew0lf's base from his skyrim videos and have modified it a bit. I feel like I've covered all my bases and should be able to write once I remove the cheat from the game. It seems like the thread is still running or something because i can't compile...
  4. S

    Question game crash after calling (in asm) game function

    Hey everyone, I am trying to do some hax on this MapleStory private server. The original version (v50~) did not have any anti cheat iirc. The gm claims to add anti cheat measures himself, he also claims to be editing the binary cuz lack of source code for the client. The first anti cheat...
  5. D

    Solved Failed to load NativeCore.dll core functions upon starting up ReClass.NET x32

    Hey Guided Hacking community, upon following Rake's tutorial on how to use ReClass.NET, I find myself a little stuck upon launching the 32 bit version of the program. As I am following all the instructions correctly, when I go to launch the actual 32 bit version of ReClass.NET I find myself...
  6. XdarionX

    Solved svchost.exe cannot create window

    Hello, i have been just trying some random stuff around and i found out that if i inject a dll into svchost.exe and try to create a window, the function succeeds but no window is being created. same dll i have injected in process created by regular user and it worked. Im building it x64 Release...
  7. Kage

    Download Qt GH Injector

    I was planning to use Qt for my next project. Before that, I wanted to get familiar with Qt first and built the GH DLL Injector. I copied the original DLLs into the directory for simple use. There is no real reason to use this one!!! Link to Source, How to build, License...
  8. XdarionX

    Tutorial What is DLL hijacking ? fast explanation

    Hi there, maybe you heared sometime about dll hijacking and you want to know more about it, so you are at right place ! Basically its injecting dll without injector lol. Every process is loading some dlls - if we know which one (its pretty easy to find out) than you can hijack it, the process...
  9. Broihon

    Guided Hacking DLL Injector 3.3

    Best DLL Injector ever made :kappa: Download the dll injector via the "Download" link on the top right of the page, you must login first. GH Injector is only compatible with Windows 10 latest version, if your version is less than 1809 it will not work USE DEFAULT SETTINGS. DO NOT USE...
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