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  1. bigtasty

    Solved Manual mapping causing crash... when loading config?

    Injecting the dll with loadlibrary works fine, loading and saving configs, everything. But when I try to inject with the manual mapping source from the tutorial it crashes. Which I thought was weird because the injector was executing fine and the dll was injected and started to initialize...
  2. Rake

    Tutorial How to Unload or Eject a DLL

    DLL ejection is the process of unloading a dynamic link library that has been injected using a DLL Injector. How to eject a DLL is a very common question. Sadly, this is taught in the Game Hacking Bible and if people actually did the tutorials they would know how to do it. So in this brief...
  3. Rake

    Guide DLL Injection Methods

    DLL injection is the act of loading a dynamic link library into an external process, from your own process. It is the easiest to perform, easiest to manage and most portable method to get execution in an external process. The best source to learn the most common DLL Injection methods is the GH...
  4. bigtasty

    Solved Dll not injecting on another computer, injects fine on my computer

    My friend just got a new computer, and my dll wont inject on their pc. It injects fine on my computer and on their old laptop, but won't on the new one. They have the .net framework and c++ redistributable installed. The gh injector log shows error 0x000001D and extreme injector gives the error...
  5. HuniePop

    Solved Call UE2 Game Functions

    Hey fellow hackers I'm currently trying to figure out where to start when it comes to calling UE2 Game Functions through DLL Injection in C++. I understand that you need an address of the function, it's return type and parameters, however I can't seem to understand how to get these data. Is...
  6. Wolven

    Solved Sleep() not working when injecting dll

    Simply, upon injection, I am trying to output "100" to the screen every 2 seconds. Instead of a slow output, the Sleep() is ignored and my console is instantly filled. After only a few seconds: Notice how sometimes 2 "100"s are next to each other (100100). Weird... #include "pch.h" DWORD...
  7. rec0gn1ze

    Solved Injecting doest work, DLLMain is not even being called

    Hi guys, my problem is that i can't inject dll in game. I attached vs debugger to game but as i see dllMain is not being called (wtf). Injecting with GH Injector v3.3 here is error log 26-05-2020 19:38:54 Version : 3.3 File : C:\Projects\Deceit-Cobalt\x64\Release\Cobalt.dll...
  8. S

    Question game crash after calling (in asm) game function

    Hey everyone, I am trying to do some hax on this MapleStory private server. The original version (v50~) did not have any anti cheat iirc. The gm claims to add anti cheat measures himself, he also claims to be editing the binary cuz lack of source code for the client. The first anti cheat...
  9. Rake

    Video Tutorial C# DLL Injector Tutorial - How to Inject a DLL

    C# DLL Injector Tutorial - How to Inject a DLL In this How to Inject a DLL C# tutorial we will teach you how to convert our previous C# Trainer into a DLL injector. This is a beginner tutorial. In the previous video we learned how to use platform invoke or pinvoke to expose native Windows API...
  10. V

    Solved Imgui wglSwapBuffers context problem

    Good morning all, For 2 days (yes it's long ...) I am stuck on a problem which is very annoying... I have detourn the wglSwapBuffers function from opengl then put imgui The problem is that once imgui in the minecraft opengl, I cannot interact with imgui... Here is my code : // dear imgui...
  11. as21

    Solved x64 Bit Injector x32 Bit Process Problem İnject

    Hello. I'm trying to do something. The code I use is as follows Main int main() { DWORD32 dwProcess; char myDLL[MAX_PATH]; GetFullPathName(DLL_NAME, MAX_PATH, myDLL, 0); dwProcess = Process("csgo.exe"); HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_CREATE_THREAD |...
  12. JohnDoe

    Solved Force executable to load DLL on startup

    Hello! I'd like to patch a Windows executable file to load an external DLL on startup instead of having to inject the DLL into the application. Any tips or tutorials on how this could be achieved? Thanks.
  13. eku952

    Solved GH DLL Injector Error Code 0x1D

    Hello everyone! I recently finished a simple but functional aimbot for Assault Cube. I was able to get it compiling and injecting properly using Visual Studio and the VS compiler. However, I personally prefer CLion over VS and therefore was trying to get my DLL working using the mingw compiler...
  14. alan00102

    Solved What is "GH Injector SWHEX"? and Inject method for vac?

    Hello, i was searching what "GH Injector SWHEX" was and how to use it but i couldn't find anything. is it like and injector with no gui? you give what you want it to do in commands? (i would like that cause it will be faster than opening injecting and closing) If it work that way, can i get...
  15. timb3r

    Tutorial DLL Injection without WriteProcessMemory Source Code

    Introduction: This is going to be a quick tutorial on an idea I had. I'm sure by now most people are familiar with the standard DLL injection method: Allocate memory in the target process. Write the dll path to target process. Call CreateRemoteThread. However what if you don't want to or...
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