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  1. proton

    Discuss Colors in D2D. Native D2D Colors and more.

    A note before we begin: I am not a pro, or even good at any of this; there is some information here that I personally did not know, and did not see anything about on the forum. This shit is super basic, but it helped me. Hopefully this can serve as a reference for people working with D2D. I...
  2. Chaos03

    Solved rounded rectangle in directX

    I'm having a lot of trouble how to draw a rounded rectangle in directX. Could anyone provide some help/info?
  3. Clydeston

    Tutorial CSGO Direct3D Menu

    This is my first post, sorry if I misinterpreted any of the rules, or if this post is complete shit. Nevertheless, I thought I'd try and contribute something semi decent. This tutorial is a more intermediate tutorial, if you don't understand at least the basics of function hooking / Dx9 hooking...
  4. st3k

    Solved External DirectX ESP is lagging behind ALOT

    So, i am trying to learn how to make a DirectX ESP, but i have encountered a problem. The ESP is lagging behind the players pretty badly. I have been doing the tutorials off and looked at sources and tutorials here at guidedhacking and i have managed to make the ESP draw...
  5. J

    Question Byte Array Memory Issues

    Okay, so I'm using the following code to hook into a DirectX 11 game: Source Code - D3D11 Barebones hook PoC Hooking in to the game works just fine. The game in question in s Crysis 2. I made some changes and removed the code used for rendering a triangle on screen. I added my own code. I'm...
  6. J

    Solved IDA Pro Does not List DX dlls

    Okay, so I'm trying to get the offset of the Present() function for Crysis 3. To do so; I found this tutorial right here: The one thing I had to do, that the tutorial did not mention, was to go to debugger...
  7. ExMortem

    Tutorial DirectXTK SimpleMath for all your vector/matrix needs

    DirectXTK SimpleMath provides a very handy wrappers around XMFLOAT2/3/4/4x4 and can be used transparently in place of XMMATRIX/XMVECTOR. Basically, it will do the loading/storing from XMFLOAT unaligned structs into the SIMD intristic XMVECTOR / XMMATRIX, so you get the best of the two worlds...
  8. HexMurder

    Source Code C# Direct X Overlay (With Setup)

    Many years ago I spent a large amount of time getting a Direct X overlay to work in C#. I don't believe a method for this has ever been published (could be wrong, haven't been hacking much for some years.) I figured I would give back to the great people here at GH by releasing the source. This...
  9. xxxtarnatiiion

    Question SwapChain & CommandQueue

    hello! can someone here knows how to reverse swapchain & commandqueue in IDA ? or with a dumper idk, working on Warzone (d3d12) thanks
  10. mrkinaujr

    Solved D3D11 Hook again.

    Well hello again, like my last thread i tried to create a Hook for D3DKMTPresent. I successfully created a Hook and everything. My problem is now i can't get the Device via the SwapChain. It gets a Access Violation because its reading at a invalid pointer. I therefore checked with Cheat Engine...
  11. mrkinaujr

    Solved D3D11 Hook help.

    Hello, i am currently writing a Cheat in a Unity Game. With RivaTuner i found out that the game uses DirectX 11 to draw everything. I looked through some tutorials on how to hook DirectX and tried to implement it. It instantly crashed with a Access Violation. Then tried the PoC to see if i maybe...
  12. iPower

    Source Code x64 Discord Overlay Hooking Example - DirectX 11

    Just posting a quick snippet in case someone wants to know how to hook Discord's overlay: using f_present = HRESULT ( __stdcall* )( IDXGISwapChain * pthis, UINT sync_interval, UINT flags ); f_present o_present = nullptr; HRESULT __stdcall hk_present( IDXGISwapChain * pthis, UINT sync_interval...
  13. Chamallow

    Solved Calling game function, wrong calling convention

    Hello GuidedHacking guys, I need a hand to give me indication where I failed with my typedef. I mean I tried stdcall, thiscall and fastcall and either my function isn't called or the game crashes. Here is the calling part: .text:00657540 spawnSelect_secondCaller proc near .text:00657540...
  14. atiksoftware

    Source Code CS GO Memory Hacking, Examples Source Codes

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Memory Hacking C++ code examples. Ex: Read HP,Name,Coord,Bones,Weapons,items etc. CSGO ESP EXAMPLE SCREENSHOT It example picture. This Repositorie is C++ project's this image. Bu örnek bir görseldir. Bu linkten görseldeki projenin C++ kaynak koduna...
  15. Kage

    Source Code agui - DirectX9 internal and DirectX 9 Overlay

    Hello Guys, i would like to share my agui with you. I'm not a big fan of imgui so i decided to write my own. In the attachment you can download a template for Internal DirectX9 Hook and a DirectX9 Overlay. The examples are not very professional but fulfill their purpose. Features: - Console -...
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