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  1. Rake

    Download Microsoft DirectX SDK June 2010 - DXSDK_Jun10.exe June 2010

    This is the Microsoft DirectX SDK June 2010 installer, which contains the d3d9x.h extension library, this is require for many source codes and tutorials that have been made over the years, but it is no longer available from Microsoft, having been deprecated for many years. You can still use it...
  2. N

    Question Metin2 Hooking Direct3DCreate8 - Converting to Dx9 - Implementing ImGui

    Hi Everyone, First of all sorry for taking your precious time! My Goal: I would like to display ImGui in a game that uses D3d8 without hijacking d3d8.dll. What i have working so far: I have a hijacked d3d8.dll which does 3 things. 1.Trampolines Direct3DCreate8 to Hook_Direct3DCreate8...
  3. J

    Solved Gray line around window when drawing with directx9

    Hi, so I am making an ESP for Assault Cube right now. I have already made a transparent window, and I am working on learning how to draw with directx9. I've managed to get a triangle on the screen, however, whenever I draw, a thin, gray line appears around my transparent window. I have already...
  4. Rake

    Source Code D3D9 EndScene Hook Template Using Dummy Device

    This is a simple D3D9 EndScene Hook Template, you can hit compile and inject it into any Direct3D9 game and it will show a red box on the screen. Credits to @Broihon @0xDEC0DE @Solaire their code was instrumental in creating this little template. This template gets the D3D9 Device Pointer and...
  5. X

    Solved GetVertexShaderConstantF parameters ...

    Hello guys ! I try reading the source code of DrNSeven's ESP and found that he get the MVP matrix by pDevice->GetVertexShaderConstantF(13, Matrix, 4); And there are some lines in the source code like this: // Registers: // // Name Reg Size // --------------- ----- ---- //...
  6. 64humans

    Solved Hooking endScene does nothing

    I am trying to hook endScene and it does absolutely nothing even though it shouldrender a rectangle... Here is the code. #include <Windows.h> #include "hazedumper.h" #include "globalvars.h" #include "detours.h" #include <d3d9.h> typedef HRESULT(_stdcall* f_EndScene)(IDirect3DDevice9*...
  7. ManyCookies

    Source Code universal-graphics-hook

    Repo: alxbrn/universal-graphics-hook Since i have been messing around with various graphics libraries lately I thought it could be fun to make a cpp project for hooking various graphic libraries such as: d3d9, d3d10, d3d11, d3d12, gdi, gdi+, opengl and vulkan. D3D11 Example: The github repo...
  8. timb3r

    Tutorial Direct3D9 Hooking / DirectX Hook - Need For Speed: Most Wanted

    This is a two part tutorial, you will find part 2 below this post. Introduction So while doing research for DirectX VTable hooking I encountered a stumbling block due the unique way some games implement the DirectX interface. I'll revisit it later however for the moment I'm going to present...
  9. M

    Solved Imgui draw image

    Hi, i am trying to draw an image inside the Imgui i have tried to use this LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 texture; D3DXCreateTextureFromFile(driver, "image.jpg", &texture); //And D3DXCreateTextureFromFileExA(driver, "image.jpg", 30, 30, D3DX_DEFAULT, 0, D3DFMT_UNKNOWN, D3DPOOL_MANAGED, D3DX_DEFAULT...
  10. H

    Solved Finding view matrix

    Trying make esp for this game, allready found some stuff such as entity list local player etc, but tried following that tutorial and none of those addresses worked so i wanted to ask if im doing something wrong. The game is made with source engine so no problem there, i have a direct x hook set...
  11. Z

    Source Code [D3D9/Directx] External Overlay | C++

    Simple and Easy Overlay Blank, nearly everything is explained. You just have to put your ESP/Aimbot/Triggerbot in. Compiler settings: Unicode Include Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010) Library Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010), Dwmapi Precompiled Header Off
  12. P

    Solved Getting access violation when trying to write on the d3d9 vtable

    So I have made an injectable dll in asm, I managed to successfully get the address in the vtable where EndScene address is "stored", but when I try to write at that spot I get an access violation, I attach my game with ollydbg and I inject the dll with cheat engine (because I don't have enough...
  13. H

    Solved Interacting with imGUI window when in game

    Im fairly new to hooking and internals managed to get this direct x hook working with imgui and wanted to know how can i interact with the ui while in game, it works fine while in main menu but not in game
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