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  1. J

    Download Among Us ESP Line, BOX Source Code + DLL

    Features: - ESP BOX - ESP LINE - IMGUI IMPLEMTENTED - WORK IN ANY RESOLUTION(ADAPTABLE) There you have a video : ESPBox Virus Total Link: VirusTotal Just The Box, ETC... In The Future I Will Make Tutorials of Unity Games, Like Aimbot and ESP in Unity on PC and Android.. Credits: Rake...
  2. SICGames88

    Question Why is D3DX11SaveTextureToFile locking up D3D11 Present hook?

    Recently got back into hacking. Making a pixel bot for a "said" game. However, the game has detected that I was using GDI+ features to capture the screen. Now, it placed it in WDA_MONITOR mode. Yay! I never really gave MSDetours a try until recently. And I love it. It's amazing. There's a couple...
  3. J

    Question Determining a Vertex Type for Static Cast

    Okay so I'm attempting to read back buffers from the GPU during DirectX 11 runtime (gameplay). I want to access the vertices in the Vertex Buffers. The code below returns the vertex buffers; creates a staging buffer for read access; copies the returned buffer (default buffer, no read access)...
  4. xxxtarnatiiion

    Source Code Another "Black Ops II" lazy trainer.

    Hello, with the quarantine, I decided to work on "Black Ops IV" & "Modern Warfare" and I found my old "Black Ops II" trainer. It's very incomplete, no visibility check etc. Saw that Rake's 100% contributing to this forum, so if anyone is interested, I could do complete tutorials like hacking...
  5. mrkinaujr

    Solved D3D11 Hook again.

    Well hello again, like my last thread i tried to create a Hook for D3DKMTPresent. I successfully created a Hook and everything. My problem is now i can't get the Device via the SwapChain. It gets a Access Violation because its reading at a invalid pointer. I therefore checked with Cheat Engine...
  6. mrkinaujr

    Solved D3D11 Hook help.

    Hello, i am currently writing a Cheat in a Unity Game. With RivaTuner i found out that the game uses DirectX 11 to draw everything. I looked through some tutorials on how to hook DirectX and tried to implement it. It instantly crashed with a Access Violation. Then tried the PoC to see if i maybe...
  7. iPower

    Source Code x64 Discord Overlay Hooking Example - DirectX 11

    Just posting a quick snippet in case someone wants to know how to hook Discord's overlay: using f_present = HRESULT ( __stdcall* )( IDXGISwapChain * pthis, UINT sync_interval, UINT flags ); f_present o_present = nullptr; HRESULT __stdcall hk_present( IDXGISwapChain * pthis, UINT sync_interval...
  8. ManyCookies

    Source Code universal-graphics-hook

    Repo: alxbrn/universal-graphics-hook Since i have been messing around with various graphics libraries lately I thought it could be fun to make a cpp project for hooking various graphic libraries such as: d3d9, d3d10, d3d11, d3d12, gdi, gdi+, opengl and vulkan. D3D11 Example: The github repo...
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