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  1. pcG

    Tutorial Attaching debuggers instantly on launch using Windows GFlags

    Hey guys, I've used this method successfully in the past to attach a debugger to games that normally crash or close out when you try attaching. It's especially useful if you're trying to debug a game that uses a launcher like Origin where you can't easily manually launch the executable through...
  2. tappineapple

    Solved Visual Studio Debug causes error.

    I'm trying to debug my csgo internal cheat but whenever I click "Local Windows Debugger" on visual studio this pops up on csgo: When this happens it says that the debugger is running but when you click okay the debugger stops. I tried just not pressing okay so the debugger would keep running...
  3. MrManiak

    Tutorial Logging RPCs in UE4

    Pretty obvious stuff, but I felt like sharing this because of how useful it has been to me. Here's a way to get an instant overview of any UE4 game's networking. In UE4, every RPC calls UNetDrive:: ProcessRemoteFunction which is a virtual method. In the game I'm currently working with, the...
  4. RyccoSN

    Source Code GH Debugme - Win32 app with anti-debugging techniques

    Yo, Just released v1 of guided-hacking/anti-debugging . It's a implementation of some anti-debugging techniques on a Win32 application. The idea is to cover most used anti-debugging methods, so feel free to drop a Pull Request anytime with a new anti-debugging method. Source Code
  5. BDKPlayer

    Question AoE hack crashes due to read acccess violation

    Hey guys, the AoE hack ressource I posted (Source Code - Age of Empires II (2013) Hackbase) has a huge problem. It sometimes (may take 5 or 50 minutes) crashes which sucks in an RTS game that doesnt even support reconnecting :sick: I wasted way to much time on this already but I would really...
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