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  1. C

    Solved How I can use xdbg attach Genshin?(I already do some trys and I have some help)

    as u see,I'm do some try to let xdbg can attach Genshin but it doesnt works The Genshin client is always crash when i attach it Follow is I do: 1.use PEB to put BeingDebugger value to 0; 2.put isDebuggerPresent in virtualMemory who belong to Genshin modify to "mov eax,0 ret"; after this when I...
  2. S

    Tutorial How to Debug game with WinAppDbg in python 3

    Hi, I see that there are some posts talking about how to hack game by using python. They used pymem, win32 etc... For me i get used to the module "WinAppDbg". It has nearlly all necessary stuffs to modify game's memory, get process/thread 's characteristics. Originally this module can work...
  3. Chamallow

    Solved Hooking UE 2.0 function causes Access Violation

    Hi guys, Sorry to bother you but I can't find the why Visual Studio's debugger is having some troubles when i'm trying to step over, as its done in the video. What I mean is that the owglSwapBuffers value is not found by the debugger when I'm clicking on the step over button once but after the...
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