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  1. S

    Solved Crashing upon uninjecting Dll

    I am writing an internal hack for CS GO, and I recently hooked EndScene and encountered a problem. I've followed and implemented the code in the DirectX9 Esp series before and it worked perfectly. However, when I've implemented it in this new hack I'm making, the game crashes upon uninjecting...
  2. romelurot123

    Question D3D9 Present Hook Error on windows 10

    Hello , I've tried to use Present Hook but error on windows 10 Pro This was working for some time but now causes an error. (EndScene, BeginScene, DrawIndexPrimitive, Reset) works fine btw. Also noticed that calling ESP on EndScene causes blackscreen stuttering. Hoping someone might be able...
  3. Clydeston

    Tutorial CSGO Direct3D Menu

    This is my first post, sorry if I misinterpreted any of the rules, or if this post is complete shit. Nevertheless, I thought I'd try and contribute something semi decent. This tutorial is a more intermediate tutorial, if you don't understand at least the basics of function hooking / Dx9 hooking...
  4. Kronos21

    Source Code TorchLight 2 Cheat - v1.25.9.5 IMGUI Menu Hack

    I Started to work on a new Torchlight 2 project. I'm trying to reverse the entire structure of Torchlight 2 next update, yet I've made a d3d imgui menu for this game and I have also found the entity pointer. In this thread you will find source code for a TorchLight 2 cheat specifically a IMGUI...
  5. Not2EXceL

    Source Code Example D3D9 hook in rust

    Finished up an example d3d9 hook in rust. This currently hooks endscene but dumps all of the IDirect3D9 vtable addresses. There is a note about font rendering in the readme. I didn't feel like figuring out some additions to the winapi crate to support d3d9 fonts. Code could probably be...
  6. Kekz

    Solved GetD3D9Device fails after recent CS:GO update

    This is a follow up question to my post here: Question - Has CSGO updated their "anti-cheat" system yet again? I managed to track down why it would crash. The call stack is still the same. I'm getting the d3d9 device VMT as shown in the linked tutorial by creating a dummy device. This method...
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