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  1. SICGames88

    Discuss Overwatch Pixel Bot is looking pretty sexy

    I'm able to capture the screen from D3D. However, C# side is tad bit slow. This pixel bot uses Haar Cascade Classifier from OpenCV. I was using the EmGu.CV version for C#. That may be my problem. As of now, I'm taking what I know from C# to the injected Dll. At first, I thought the whole Haar...
  2. SICGames88

    Question Hooked DeviceContext isn't able to obtain RenderTargetView with this game?!

    My custom DirectX 11 example is fine. Fallout 4 is fine. This one game doesn't return a ID3D11RenderTargetView. What game does that? It has D3D11.DLL file in it. Able to hook into the Present function. But how in the world can a backbuffer not have a RenderTargetView? Very stumped over here...
  3. SICGames88

    Question Why is D3DX11SaveTextureToFile locking up D3D11 Present hook?

    Recently got back into hacking. Making a pixel bot for a "said" game. However, the game has detected that I was using GDI+ features to capture the screen. Now, it placed it in WDA_MONITOR mode. Yay! I never really gave MSDetours a try until recently. And I love it. It's amazing. There's a couple...
  4. J

    Solved DX11 Buffer Data

    Hello all, So I'm looking to extract some info from D3D11 games. Mainly buffer information. Anyway, I first came across this thread: Source Code - D3D11 Barebones hook PoC I'm studying the code to learn what I can from it. I compiled it and it works great! No issues hooking whatsoever (in the...
  5. xxxtarnatiiion

    Question D3D11 drawing behing the game

    hey once again :trollface: I'm working on BO2, I have a present hook which works i'm using this renderer https://www.unkn0wncheats.me/forum/d3d-tutorials-and-source/108552-d3d11-renderer-effects11.html how i'm using it (inside of my present hook) it's actually drawing in the main menu, and...
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