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  1. arsium


    My problem is : i got wrong value for 64 bits. However, I read documentation and some value like ImageBaseLong (is uint when 32 bit and ulong when 64 bit) but for example the AddressOfEntryPoint (DWORD = uint in C#) is good in 32 bit but equals to 0 in 64 bits but doc says it is DWORD even for...
  2. arsium

    Source Code Get All Processes with NtQuerySystemInformation

    After learning the basics with pointers in C# , I've found a way to get all processes using NtQuerySystemInformation. I'm currently writing my own implementation of NtDll.dll in C#. You can find my work and sample project there : GitHub I've also implemented other functions , structures and...
  3. G

    Solved Understanding sig scans

    I will try to describe my issue to the best of my ability, i'll start with the problem. So I got to the point where I have a very good working hack but I use all offsets hardcoded even UWorld(this is a pointer in the Unreal engine that holds all the entities), now everytime my game updates I...
  4. SICGames88

    Tutorial Creating CLI C++ Class Library For Your C# Projects

    You could create a C++ dynamic library and then use inside your C# Application: [DLLImport("HookEngine.dll")] private extern static void Hook(); Or you could enjoy both worlds. Creating a CLI C++ Class Library to interact with your C# Application. This is just a template. Basic understanding...
  5. N

    Video Tutorial How to make C# Trainer GUIs with Memory.dll

    Learn how to make a C# trainer using the popular memory library known as memory.dll from the developer himself: New Age Soldier. This tutorial will teach you how to make a C# trainer with memory.dll in a Windows Forms app. Trainers are programs that modify the memory of a game to gain some kind...
  6. Rake

    Video Tutorial C# DLL Injector Tutorial - How to Inject a DLL

    In this How to Inject a DLL C# tutorial we will teach you how to convert our previous C# Trainer into a DLL injector. This is a beginner tutorial. In the previous video we learned how to use platform invoke or pinvoke to expose native Windows API functions to our managed process, essentially...
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