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  1. A

    Solved Help csgo cheat

    Okay so if i m not allowed to paste i have a cheat me and my friend made its pre shit that s why i wanted to make a paste cuz neither does my cheat work after the update but i guess i ll update it till it is good so how do i make the src work after the update?
  2. A

    Solved Csgo update help

    So i m trying to paste a cheat for personall use and i got my hands on otc source code but its not updated for the csgo update if someone can explain me how to update the code id be really thankfull!
  3. tappineapple

    Source Code aids csgo hack...

    Here is my source code for my csgo cheat I've been working on. This is where I followed along while watching the csgo series. I am aware that there is a lot of horrible code in this (like really bad), I would like to believe it's because of how I went through one step at a time without really...
  4. Elitiok

    Source Code Very Basic CSGO Glow Hack

    I am Currently Making Glow Hacks I watched some videos but they are doing it external so becuase I love internal more I decided to make one its very basic Inshallah I will improve it I just wanted to share progress :D Updated due to @Meow advice <3 #include <Windows.h> #include <cstdint>...
  5. tappineapple

    Solved Visual Studio Debug causes error.

    I'm trying to debug my csgo internal cheat but whenever I click "Local Windows Debugger" on visual studio this pops up on csgo: When this happens it says that the debugger is running but when you click okay the debugger stops. I tried just not pressing okay so the debugger would keep running...
  6. tappineapple

    Solved Csgo Glow hack Question 0x38

    So I'm following the csgo glow tutorial and I notice that he is using 0x38. MemClass.writeMem<float>(glowObject + ((glowIndex * 0x38) + 0x4), 0); I understand the 0x4 is because the numbers are 4 bytes in size (i think :p) but why do you multiply entity * 0x38? Basically I'm just looking for a...
  7. L

    Solved CSGO Aimbot aims at wrong entity

    Hey, I started to write my first more serious internal cheat with hooks (I use CSGOSimple as a base), and I implemented a legitbot and a ragebot, but my ragebot has some bug. So basically the problem is, that after I kill the first enemy the cheat locks on (the first scan works fine), I lock...
  8. st3k

    Solved Has CSGO updated their "anti-cheat" system yet again?

    So, it was a very small update today on CSGO: the update. After the update i tried injecting my cheat and crashed. Checked my offsets and they seem to be correct. However, when i inject with insecure flag i get no crash. The update is said to fix performance issues related to third party...
  9. Elitiok

    Solved What is the difference between dwClientState_GetLocalPlayer & dwLocalPlayer

    Hey Folks How Are I am Done with beginner's guide and after making some basic internal and external trainers I moved to the intermediate guide my question is what is the difference between these two values. Disclaimer: I hate Pasting So Don't Give a code and tell me just copy this !
  10. Kekz

    Tutorial Chams in DrawModelExecute (Internal)

    Today I'll show you everything you need to draw some simple chams on player models, although you should be able to apply this tutorial to any entity. I'll try to explain everything, but you shouldn't do this tutorial if you're just starting out. You need a couple of classes from Valve's SDK and...
  11. M

    Tutorial Recoil Control System (Internal/External)

    Hello, today I will show you how to code a recoil control system.It is very easy and you can do it on both external and internal cheats. 1.Internal We need: -our localplayer -our viewangles -our aim punch angles The way this works is that we subtract our aim punch angles from our view angles...
  12. ZetaPayne

    Solved CS:GO Internal ESP dropping FPS Significantly

    I have been seriously working on my C++ for the past 2 weeks, I haven't been doing anything except practicing and learning new things about game hacking. About 1 or 2 months ago I learnt how to hook DirectX9 and i implemented ImGui library and some other stuff. I watched GuidedHacking's video on...
  13. M

    Solved Having trouble getting and setting the viewangles

    Hey, For the last week I am learning c++ in order to code an external cheat for csgo. Actually it was easy because I coded an external csgo cheat in c# in the past. Today , I was trying to get and set the viewangles for the local player but the code I have written did not work. This code should...
  14. KF1337

    Solved What do you guys think about CSGO's new "Anti-cheat" system.

    This came in a few hours ago. Still in beta though. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive What are your thoughts and first ideas about this?
  15. L

    Solved My internal triggerbot not working properly(CSGO)

    Hi! I'm pretty new to internal cheats, and I tried to make my first internal triggerbot (recode an external one), but there is something weird. Really weird. (It's working with a hold button thing, not a toggle). The problem: when I use a pistol, and I hover over an enemy, it only shoots once...
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