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  1. tappineapple

    Source Code External Wizard101 Cheat - Noclip Hack

    External Wizard101 Cheat Summary Recently I decided to make a basic Wizard101 cheat, and It's been quite the experience. This game loves its pointers! From what I gathered it would be nearly impossible to manually get the multilevel pointers. Your best bet would be to pattern scan (which I...
  2. X

    Tutorial Auto-padding for SDK classes

    Hello GH, I was making classes for Paladins picking them in the SDK but you know what does this mean right, padding. And since I like to over-engineer shit I could do by hand I made a python script in less than an hour (the code is really bad lol) that makes padding automaticaly based on the...
  3. st3k

    Question Does anyone know any good books for C++?

    I have been learning gamehacking, reverse engineering and C++ for almost 1 year now, but i would like to try to read a book on C++ to see if i learn better from that. I have mostly been watching youtube videos, doing udemy courses and learned by doing the past year. I have been googleing and i...
  4. RobotRage

    Solved [c++][internals]New update, crashing on inject

    This new update is making my internals crash on inject. I have updated the offsets. I have tried turning off all the cheat code and only leaving the inject code and it still crashes i've tried debugging with visual studio, unfortunately it seems my loop isn't running and the breakpoints say that...
  5. out[kast]

    Solved Patching Binary Issue

    I created my own crackme, EXTREMELY simple. I just needed something to try and make a patcher. For some reason, my patcher causes the program to stop working. This is not memory patching. I am patching the actual binary on disk. These are the steps I took and if you could see the issue I would...
  6. L3n

    Source Code SmartHooker - My Hooking Library

    Hi there guys! Quite recently I (re)released my hooking library, called SmartHooker. (yes, kill me for the puns but imo it sounds bad ass) That being said, it wouldn't be me if I didn't brag about it here. First off, why did I bother writing one on my own? It's explained on my Github README...
  7. B

    Solved LdrpLoadDll - not injected (Unable to create remote thread)

    here is my code #include <stdio.h> #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <TlHelp32.h> #include <DbgHelp.h> #pragma comment (lib, "DbgHelp.lib") using namespace std; struct UNKNOWN_DLL_DATA { char padding_1[0x10]; PWSTR DllName; char padding_2[0x3C]...
  8. B

    Solved Choppy(?!) bhop

    Hey, tried doing bhop this way: while (!GetAsyncKeyState(0x78)) { if (GetAsyncKeyState(0x20)) { if (get_val(player_base, offsets::jump_flag) == ground) { set_val(player_base, offsets::force_jump, 5); } else if(get_val(player_base...
  9. BrendYs

    Solved Minecraft Windows 10 drawing help

    Okay so first of all I made an external cheat for MC:BE and then i decided to go internal. So i added some of the hacks from the external one. BUT I don't know how to get the render shit from ida, so i can draw text to show when the cheats are toggled here is an example from another internal...
  10. the_nut

    Solved Cast float to float*

    Sup' Been a while since I posted here, turning to you guys since I'm having a weird issue, I can't cast a float to a float*, would be amazing if you could share a way to go about that (and yes I turned to google before posting :retard:), Many thanks in advance !
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