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  1. cl_esp

    Solved [CS:S] My first game hacking

    Hi everyone, Today I would like try to make my first game hack from scratch for the Counter Strike Source game, but I need to know if im on the good or wrong way to done exactly why I need. I do this for learning purpose. After some debugging the game, I have maybe found EntityList at this...
  2. Liftu

    Question hands and feet positions freezing in bone matrix

    Hi guys, I encountered a new issue while making a bone ESP for CSS. for some reason, the position of the hands and feet of the players freeze when I'm not very close to them (like > 4 meters), so when I'm getting closer, the position updates. Anyone have an idea why ?
  3. Liftu

    Solved CSS WorldToScreen Troubles

    Hi there, I have some troubles getting my WorldToScreen function working correctly on CSS. I followed this tutorial to get the WorldToScreen function. And I found a bunch of different viewMatrix in memory but this address is the one I get the best result with. The display of my esp box on the x...
  4. Rake

    Source Code Counter Strike Source Dumped SDK & Offsets

    I dumped this SDK using this SDK dumper CallumCVM/ValveGen made by Chod, thank you to him and to @Raylands for introducing it to me Here's what 1 of it's dumped headers looks like: //*********************************************** // SDK Generated by ValveGen (written by Chod) // File...
  5. 0

    Solved CS:S w2s function fails because viewmatrix(?)

    After October update my have broken ESP(DirectX renderer) Here is a lot of offsets for viewmatrix ( before update i used 0x5B3BF0 and everything was perfect, w2s function is same ) engine.dll+3BD160 wrong engine.dll+3BD184 wrong engine.dll+3DA0F4 wrong engine.dll+5A786C wrong engine.dll+5AD688...
  6. Rake

    Guide Counter-Strike Source Game Hacking Tutorial Guide

    Introduction GH Guides are meant to serve as a jumping off point as you begin to learn a specific topic or hack a certain game. This is our CSS hacking guide. If you're just getting started with CSS, bookmark this thread and checkout all the resources we have to offer here. We have collected...
  7. Z

    Source Code D3D9 Overlay - CSS ESP Hack | Rewritten by Zesa

    Hello Guys, not long ago I started to code and got into Game Hacking. It was quite hard for me to understand how to write Hacks. I followed the Tutorials but some of them, espescially essential Basic´s, are quite Old and not everything works somehow. Or I did something wrong :ftb:. But with...
  8. N

    Solved I've hit a roadblock trying to get Bone Matrix in Counter-Strike:Source

    Hello all! Let's face it, I'm a bit of a noob, I'm looking to find the bone matrix, and have followed the tutoiral of "dude719" in this thread. I have gotten to the stage of finding what I believe is the offset of the bone matrix (0x578) and if I'm not mistaken that should be added to the Base...
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