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  1. J

    Source Code Among Us Hooking Example Dll + Source Code

    hello guys, ive created a hook example for among us, you can learn from this example how hook works, you can use it too, i am a noob programmer yet =) but a will learn more. i need to implement a unhook function yet. Source Here Here Is The Hook Example Source. ScreenShoots Bugs - When You...
  2. l0wk3y

    Intro What up GH Fam 👨‍💻👋

    Oiii, just another wanna be hax0r boi here, I finally decided to get back into learning game hacking and stuff after first coming across it way back in 2010~. The coding aspect of gaming hacking always intimidated me as a skid growing up (12 y/o~) lol, but as I began to realize what I actually...
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