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  1. X

    Tutorial Auto-padding for SDK classes

    Hello GH, I was making classes for Paladins picking them in the SDK but you know what does this mean right, padding. And since I like to over-engineer shit I could do by hand I made a python script in less than an hour (the code is really bad lol) that makes padding automaticaly based on the...
  2. xNyu

    Solved Find class structures in memory with Ghidra and debugger?

    Hey guys, I struggle with finding class structures I see in Ghidra, in my actual debugger. The attached image are examples in Ghidra. I see a lot of those interesting titles (Lables, Classes, Namespaces...) and I want to find and read them. For example, finding the "Scene"-thingi in...
  3. X

    Solved ReClass.NET pointer classes are returning the wrong value ?

    Hello! So I'm doing this post today because I'm hacking the game Paladins (already bypassed EAC and have my injector) and I stopped for like 3month, now I'm doing it again cause I regained the hype to do it and it's fun. My issue is I generated my classes with ReClass, offsets are correct (I...
  4. Hype

    Solved [C#] How functions are stored in memory?

    If I create function as static, it will be always that only one in one place since function must be stored in memory. If I create it non-static in a class, and I create a lot of instances of this class like 1000, then there are 1000 copies of function in every class? I know it sounds stupid but...
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