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  1. jake1st

    Solved Tracing through Multi-Level Pointers

    Hello. I am currently trying to trace a multilevel pointer as seen in step 8 of the tutorial for cheat engine, and I cannot figure out the problem. When i find the first address of the pointer, and then look at what accesses it, and I take the address and subtract the offset (0x18) \ so i...
  2. M

    Solved Cheat Engine, simple script doesn't work (AssaultCube)

    I'm creating a simple script for AssultCube which simply compares current value of ammo to some another int value (10 in my case): if the value is greater then 10 - do nothing, if less - assign it to 20. (max ammo). Here's my script: But when current ammo drops to 9, game simply crashes.
  3. M

    Solved AOB Scan, script works but Array of Bytes can not be found

    There is a working script(AOB) that finds a player's object and some basics stats(hp, mana, etc..). Since i failed to create my personal CE Table with AOB that works, i decided to download and dissect the CE table that already works. The issue is that there is an array of byte (8B 70 85 F6 74...
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