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  1. Fozzila

    Source Code Assault Cube | Read / Write | Aimbot | Simple Cheat

    Assault Cube Cheat Ahead! Hello, I have been working on this for about a week now just want to know any one's thought on it. Please I am open to criticism and such. Thank you to sammy6369 for making his / her thread about his simple Aimbot he made in C++ as this helped with the fundamentals...
  2. l0wb1t

    Resident Evil 3 - Anti Cheat Bypass Sept.10 Update

    Bypasses the integrity Checks in RE3. Game Description Resident Evil 3 is a remake of ‘Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.’ It is a survival horror game revolving around the plot of a zombie apocalypse. The main leads of the game ‘Jill Valentine’ and ‘Carlos Oliveria’ who struggle to survive the...
  3. Fiereu

    Source Code AssaultCube Internal Cheat + Injector

    This build still has a lot of bugs. I have decided to make my cheat public because I will have less time to deal with it in the near future. I am open to any kind of criticism and any opportunities for improvement. This is my first C ++ internal cheat so there will definitely be a lot to...
  4. KF1337

    Source Code [CSGO | Internal] Autostrafe

    Requirements: - hooking CreateMove - know what your UserCMD is for. What is autostrafe? Strafing in CSGO means pressing your left/right key when you are moving your mouse in-air. This gives you extra movement speed. We are going to automate "pressing" your keys by manipulating the UserCMD...
  5. L

    Solved My internal triggerbot not working properly(CSGO)

    Hi! I'm pretty new to internal cheats, and I tried to make my first internal triggerbot (recode an external one), but there is something weird. Really weird. (It's working with a hold button thing, not a toggle). The problem: when I use a pistol, and I hover over an enemy, it only shoots once...
  6. KF1337

    Solved Good cheat design (internal)

    Preface: I'm by no means an expert in software/cheat development, but I'm doing the tutorials relatively easy for the most part. Since i switched to internal 1/2 months ago, i started developing a simple CSGO cheat. Basic features as of time of writing: - Memory class with...
  7. L

    Solved Help with imgui external

    Hello guided hacking, i want to make an external imgui cheat, i read the forum about imgui external but i dont know how to start creating the file and putting all the files of imgui etc etc. So, if someone knows a forum where i can read it i will really appreciate it . thanks in advance
  8. L

    Intro Hi!

    Hello everyone, i found this site from "Cheat The Game" YT channel, he teach me a lot from cheat engine, i decided to join this site and learn more than before, i hope it's possible here :) cheers!
  9. H

    Solved Help / Learn how to update Offsets for cs go

    So I have been wondering for a long time what to do when there comes a cs go update... Last time my cheat crashed, but thankfully my friend helped me. This time he told me that next time it happens I should come here for good support:). I already knows how to get my own offsets trough...
  10. iPower

    Source Code IronSight Cheats - Ironsight Internal Multi Hack

    Sup guys! Me and my friends have decided to make our Ironsight cheat public because we're done with this game. Ironsight is a first person shooter taking place in the future, where soldieres fight over natural resources with both nation state armed forces and private security forces. With...
  11. A

    Solved I want to dupe items in an MMO with ZERO experience

    Hi guys! I have a problem with using the WPE Pro for russian online game ( I need to use this program for duplicate the item in game. When i choose the target program and click to "game.exe" my game is closes. I think this game have anticheat process. How i can trick this anticheat...
  12. Trevor0011

    Solved GH Injector help!

    Hey im fairly new to using this injector and recently i have tried to inject an internal cheat into rust using the gh injector and have been getting errors like these: I have no idea how to fix this please help thank you!
  13. ligherfluid

    Source Code Bitsturbed Hack | Infinite Ammo, Health, No Reload, Rapid Fire Cheats

    Today, I'm releasing my first hack. It's for a pretty obscure game called "Bitsturbed". Thought I'd challenge myself by creating a hack for a game that no has really touched before, so I whipped out Cheat Engine and made a cheat for it. Bitsturbed is an obscure video game that describes itself...
  14. Kokos132

    Solved CS:GO What is bSpotted ?

    Hello What does Spotted Aimbot do ?
  15. timb3r

    Just Cause 3 Cheat Table 0.0.2

    Just Cause 3 is the latest addition to the Just Cause 3 franchise, it is a 2015 action adventure video game from the popular Avalanche Studios. It is the third installment of the Just Cause series and has received praises from huge masses in the gaming world. It features a vast and highly...
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