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  1. l0wb1t

    Resident Evil 3 - Anti Cheat Bypass Sept.10 Update

    Bypasses the integrity Checks in RE3. Game Description Resident Evil 3 is a remake of ‘Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.’ It is a survival horror game revolving around the plot of a zombie apocalypse. The main leads of the game ‘Jill Valentine’ and ‘Carlos Oliveria’ who struggle to survive the...
  2. Fiereu

    Source Code AssaultCube Internal Cheat + Injector

    This build still has a lot of bugs. I have decided to make my cheat public because I will have less time to deal with it in the near future. I am open to any kind of criticism and any opportunities for improvement. This is my first C ++ internal cheat so there will definitely be a lot to...
  3. KF1337

    Source Code [CSGO | Internal] Autostrafe

    Requirements: - hooking CreateMove - know what your UserCMD is for. What is autostrafe? Strafing in CSGO means pressing your left/right key when you are moving your mouse in-air. This gives you extra movement speed. We are going to automate "pressing" your keys by manipulating the UserCMD...
  4. L

    Solved My internal triggerbot not working properly(CSGO)

    Hi! I'm pretty new to internal cheats, and I tried to make my first internal triggerbot (recode an external one), but there is something weird. Really weird. (It's working with a hold button thing, not a toggle). The problem: when I use a pistol, and I hover over an enemy, it only shoots once...
  5. KF1337

    Solved Good cheat design (internal)

    Preface: I'm by no means an expert in software/cheat development, but I'm doing the tutorials relatively easy for the most part. Since i switched to internal 1/2 months ago, i started developing a simple CSGO cheat. Basic features as of time of writing: - Memory class with...
  6. L

    Solved Help with imgui external

    Hello guided hacking, i want to make an external imgui cheat, i read the forum about imgui external but i dont know how to start creating the file and putting all the files of imgui etc etc. So, if someone knows a forum where i can read it i will really appreciate it . thanks in advance
  7. L

    Intro Hi!

    Hello everyone, i found this site from "Cheat The Game" YT channel, he teach me a lot from cheat engine, i decided to join this site and learn more than before, i hope it's possible here :) cheers!
  8. H

    Solved Help / Learn how to update Offsets for cs go

    So I have been wondering for a long time what to do when there comes a cs go update... Last time my cheat crashed, but thankfully my friend helped me. This time he told me that next time it happens I should come here for good support:). I already knows how to get my own offsets trough...
  9. I

    Source Code IronSight Cheats - Ironsight Internal Multi Hack

    Sup guys! Me and my friends have decided to make our ironsight cheat public because we're done with this game. Hack Features: ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil, No Spread, Speed Hack, Triggerbot Disclaimer: You need an EAC bypass in order to use it safely. Ironsight hack showcase video: Repository...
  10. A

    Solved I want to dupe items in an MMO with ZERO experience

    Hi guys! I have a problem with using the WPE Pro for russian online game ( I need to use this program for duplicate the item in game. When i choose the target program and click to "game.exe" my game is closes. I think this game have anticheat process. How i can trick this anticheat...
  11. Trevor0011

    Solved GH Injector help!

    Hey im fairly new to using this injector and recently i have tried to inject an internal cheat into rust using the gh injector and have been getting errors like these: I have no idea how to fix this please help thank you!
  12. ligherfluid

    Source Code "Bitsturbed" Game Hack | Unlimited Ammo + Health, No Reload, Rapid Fire

    Today, I'm releasing my first hack. It's for a pretty obscure game called "Bitsturbed". Thought I'd challenge myself by creating a hack for a game that no has really touched before. Anyway, here are its features: Unlimited Ammo Unlimited Health No Reload Rapid Fire Turbo Button (turns...
  13. K

    Solved CS:GO What is bSpotted ?

    Hello What does Spotted Aimbot do ?
  14. timb3r

    Just Cause 3 Cheat Table 0.0.2

    Currently Implemented: Player Base Class Player Character Class Current Pistol Ammo Current Rifle Ammo Current RPG Ammo File: JustCause3.exe SHA256: 4F6D0D934E29C44D3944B6B7E3F2B31289128E938EFEA2324CD0924CB5232CF9
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