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  1. KF1337

    Download CSGO Hooks Cheat Table

    Sup everyone, when i started researching on some Steam/CSGO/VAC related stuff, i also looked into the hooks that csgo.exe places in various APIs. The hooks redirect to a variety of functions in gameoverlayrenderer.dll . So for easy reference when hacking CSGO, i crafted a cheat table for...
  2. diabloSOD

    Solved World War Z Pointer Help using Cheat Engine (Can't Find)

    Game Name: World War Z Anticheat: N/A How long you been coding/hacking? 1 year Coding Language: C++ I have been having an issue trying to find pointers for certain addresses in this game. I am able to modify my money and levels easily by finding the address of that value, but I can't seem to...
  3. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Cheat engine 7.1 game: Super Mario theme

    The cheat engine games are pretty basic, but the thing that's been really driving me up the wall is the lack of theme music Then I remembered I'm a game hacker and I can add it myself. Enjoy. Midi from TMK | Downloads | Sounds & Music | MIDIs | Super Mario Bros. (NES) { Game ...
  4. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Cheat Engine 7.1 game: Mouse teleport hack for level 3

    This took me the best part of a day to get right. Things that ground my gears: GetCursorPos does some test to see if the pointer is writeable, but this check means it won't write to executable memory (even if it's also writeable). Fix: make some space on the stack Got properly Micro$hafted by...
  5. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Shellcode in cheat engine

    The tutorial for the cheat engine sample games was a lot of fun, and one of the comments was "we could make the player to follow the mouse as an anti-gravity hack", and that got me thinking about ways to make API calls from inside cheat engine. The short answer: Cheat engine is smart enough to...
  6. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Cheat engine 7.1 tutorial game cheat table

    Just ran through the cheat engine tutorials and tried playing along at home. Cheat engine 7.1 has an improved integrity check setup and some easter eggs in the collision detection in level 3 so this has fixes for both. I might do a tutorial on this later... or I might just pornhub and chill 🤔🤔🤔
  7. jake1st

    Solved Tracing through Multi-Level Pointers

    Hello. I am currently trying to trace a multilevel pointer as seen in step 8 of the tutorial for cheat engine, and I cannot figure out the problem. When i find the first address of the pointer, and then look at what accesses it, and I take the address and subtract the offset (0x18) \ so i...
  8. S

    Solved Multiplication of XMM registers not working as I expect (CE)

    I'm trying to do a simple damage multiplicator cheat, and so far I got this script: [ENABLE] aobscanregion(INJECT,Enemy:DealDamageToEnemy+1eb,Enemy:DealDamageToEnemy+3eb,F2 0F 5C C1 48 8B C8) alloc(newmem,2048,INJECT) label(returnhere) label(exit) alloc(DMGMult,4) registersymbol(DMGMult)...
  9. M

    Solved Diablo 2, Cheat Engine Table

    I'm trying to get "exp" to store current experience of the character in Diablo 2 I did "what access to this address" in Cheat Engine and found out that "edi" stores experience value. When i added "exp" value to my CE Table, it shows that it's value changes every time character moves and is...
  10. Th3R3ality

    Solved HELP scalar double precision floating-point value opcode (movsd, subsd, addsd)

    So while trying to make a hack for bloons td 6 i ran into a problem where i couldn't change the value of my currency so i went online and got a cheat table someone had made i used to use. what it does is make basically every currency health and other such variables go into crazy high numbers and...
  11. M

    Question CheatEngine and Diablo 2 Table

    I'm trying to get experience address/value with AOB in Diablo 2. There are 5-6 values that always changes in the CE when i kill a monster, so i took some of them -> "What access to this address" -> and made the following AOB. What am i missing? What could be the reason that actually ecx...
  12. L

    Intro Hi!

    Hello everyone, i found this site from "Cheat The Game" YT channel, he teach me a lot from cheat engine, i decided to join this site and learn more than before, i hope it's possible here :) cheers!
  13. LsDevs

    Solved GH Cheat Engine DVBM problem

    Hi, I'm trying to use the kernel mode debugger but I got an error loading the driver with your version of CE (works fine with basic CE). I downloaded the source and I think the reason can be that replacing every "Cheat Engine" in a Hex Editor change also the "Cheat Engine" string in a Reg path...
  14. ChrisFayte

    Video Tutorial Cheat Engine 6.8.1 Tutorial

    Cheat Engine 6.8.1 Tutorial Tutorial This going to be a 2 parter, taking a look at the Step3 of the CE Tutorial Games, we are going to discuss making a fly hk by using one coordinate value to help us find everything we need to make it happen. TURNING OFF PLAYER COLLISION and REG COMPARES | CE...
  15. J

    Solved Opcode and Other Sections in Memory Viewer Squashed Together

    Hey, so I am having a bit of a problem. I have been away from cheating for a while so I decided to review the basics. However, I have run into a bit of a problem. I'm trying to find the entity list for assault cube in Cheat Engine (again, just practicing the basics to refresh). I know the offset...
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