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  1. Kekz

    Tutorial How to make Chams With DrawModelExecute

    Today I'll show you everything you need to draw some simple chams on player models, although you should be able to apply this tutorial to any entity. I'll try to explain everything, but you shouldn't do this tutorial if you're just starting out. You need a couple of classes from Valve's SDK and...
  2. L

    Solved Help with external chams / clr_render

    Hello guys, how are you? Well i am trying to pass a code from unicode to multibyte. The code of unicode works but when i try to pass it to multibyte it doecnt work :(. Thanks in advance. void SetBrightness() { = 0; = 255; = 0...
  3. mrkinaujr

    Solved Unity Chams invisible

    Hello, i am currently writing a Cheat for the game Ultimate Hardbass Defence. I wanted to make basic Chams using shaders in C#. I can see the enemies through the wall but as soon as i can see them directly they seem to go invisible sometimes. I am using the inbuild GUI API. Can somebody with...
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