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  1. J

    Question Determining a Vertex Type for Static Cast

    Okay so I'm attempting to read back buffers from the GPU during DirectX 11 runtime (gameplay). I want to access the vertices in the Vertex Buffers. The code below returns the vertex buffers; creates a staging buffer for read access; copies the returned buffer (default buffer, no read access)...
  2. HexMurder

    Solved Casting from BYTE* to integer yielding wrong results

    Trying to get a modulebase externally and I keep getting the wrong result. You can see in the debugger the modEntry.modBaseAddr is holding the correct value of 0x400000. Once i cast to uintptr_t it hold some bullshit(assuming the order of the bytes are getting mixed up). I have tried multiple...
  3. rec0gn1ze

    Solved Casting problems

    I am trying to create a class which will hook a wndproc. But i have a problem, i can not cast hkWndProc to LONG_PTR. What i did wrong? The same code out of class works good // .hpp file class InputSystem { public: InputSystem(const char* WindowName); private: LRESULT __stdcall...
  4. the_nut

    Solved Cast float to float*

    Sup' Been a while since I posted here, turning to you guys since I'm having a weird issue, I can't cast a float to a float*, would be amazing if you could share a way to go about that (and yes I turned to google before posting :retard:), Many thanks in advance !
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