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  1. xxxtarnatiiion

    Question BO3 Integrity Checks

    hello gh, I’m playing BO3 right now because i want to develop internal cheats and this game has a pretty cool anticheat / antidebug for me to start with. my dump is loaded in IDA, but im lost because i dont have any clue on how to find the integrity checks func (crashes with a regular detour)...
  2. O

    Solved Problems With CoD W2S/Snaplines

    I seem to have everything I need for a snaplines hack but I'm having trouble figuring out what the issue is with the location of the snaplines (primarily because CoD uses a wonky W2S function in comparison to the others I've seen that make sense to me). I'm using the W2S function Rake posted...
  3. austin101006


    If you play call of duty black ops 3 you probably know that if cheat engine is open in the background the game will crash it self even when not attached if anyone has a way that they know to bypass this or any alternatives for cheat engine I'm down to hear anytime
  4. O

    Solved MW2 Question (IW4X)

    Hi friends! Got a question for you all -- I've started to reverse MW2 and I've got what appears to be the entity list. I've done the entire GH Bible and looked at almost every thread regarding CoD and the Quake engine on this forum. I'm having difficulty finding the other structures because I...
  5. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved Modern Warfare refdef

    does someone know what's up with mw refdef ? they are encrypting it, and I'm struggling finding it
  6. xxxtarnatiiion

    Source Code Plutonium - Offsets - Black Ops 2

    if it helps anyone. pCG = reinterpret_cast<cg_t*>(*(__int64*)(0x113F18C)); pRefdef = reinterpret_cast<refdef_t*>(*(__int64*)(0x113F18C) + 0x4D890); pActors = reinterpret_cast<actors_t*>(*(__int64*)(0x1140878)); pClients =...
  7. xxxtarnatiiion

    Question SwapChain & CommandQueue

    hello! can someone here knows how to reverse swapchain & commandqueue in IDA ? or with a dumper idk, working on Warzone (d3d12) thanks
  8. xxxtarnatiiion

    Source Code Another "Black Ops II" lazy trainer.

    Hello, with the quarantine, I decided to work on "Black Ops IV" & "Modern Warfare" and I found my old "Black Ops II" trainer. It's very incomplete, no visibility check etc. Saw that Rake's 100% contributing to this forum, so if anyone is interested, I could do complete tutorials like hacking...
  9. xxxtarnatiiion

    Question D3D11 drawing behing the game

    hey once again :trollface: I'm working on BO2, I have a present hook which works i'm using this renderer how i'm using it (inside of my present hook) it's actually drawing in the main menu, and...
  10. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved IDA: Reversing help

    Hi GH community :love: So to get better at IDA, I'm working on MW3 and my goal is to find "GetTagPos" in order to make a bone ESP. Think I got a good lead : so here is what i'm thinking: - line 10: we check if GetTagPos worked (it takes 4 args tho… so idk if it can really by GTP) - line 07...
  11. HydraHacks

    Source Code Simple BO2 T6 Plutonium No Recoil

    This is a simple source code for a plutonium bo2 hack, specifically norecoil #include <iostream> #include "Color.h" #include "proc.h" #include "mem.h" using namespace std; #define RECOIL_ADDRESS 0x4AF220 #define POLL_RATE 10 int main() { SetConsoleTitle(L"Arcane"); //Get ProcId...
  12. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved Is my BO2 ESP smooth?

    hey guys, ive been working on a bo2 esp HOW I DRAW C++ D3D11 Overlay HOW I READ ENTITIES DATA I use memcpy which copies the entire refdef to a variable, same for the enemies so that I read the memory only once so it doesn't affect performance. (correct me if I'm wrong about memcpy) Now, Do...
  13. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved help on refdef_t

    my goal rn is to hack some call of duties, i have trouble finding their refdef already did World at War (correct refdef_t, esp working) Modern Warfare 3(correct refdef_t, esp working) here is the problem, either in BO1 or in BO2, I search in all the static addresses I find and I can't find...
  14. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved World at Wat - Found refdef_t but need help

    hello, cod waw is the first cod game i am working on. I'm pretty sure i found the correct refdef address (0x03520338) i got the width, the height but i can't figure out where my view axis are.. can someone tell me what each of these offsets correspond to? Thanks!
  15. RyccoSN

    Solved Debugger not working on Bluestacks (Android Emulator)

    Yo! I've been trying to hack Call of Duty Mobile with Cheat Engine. It's running on Bluestacks, but I can't get the debugger to work (to show me what reads/writes to the address). I've tried all 3 debugging types, and none of them bring any result :( If I can't get the debugger to work, any...
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