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  1. Hazey

    Source Code Call Of Duty: 4 Calc Angle

    Calc Angle for Call Of Duty 4 #![feature(clamp)] use std::ops::Sub; #[repr(C)] #[derive(Copy, Clone, Debug)] struct Vector3<T> { x: T, y: T, z: T, } impl<T: Sub<Output = T>> Sub for Vector3<T> { type Output = Self; fn sub(self, rhs: Self) -> Self::Output { Self {...
  2. Rake

    Question Universal CalcAngle Trigonometry Math

    In my experience I have used 5-6 different CalcAngle functions, every time you start a new game it's annoying to figure it out. I'm working on creating a "universal" CalcAngle mechanism, or a CalcAngle generator. It would generate the correct CalcAngle function and the correct Normalize...
  3. BDKPlayer

    Video Tutorial CSGO Aimbot Tutorial + CalcAngle Explained in Detail

    @BDKPlayer will teach you how to make a basic aimbot in CSGO. You should already know the basics, this is not a beginner tutorial. This is for people wanting to learn how to make a basic aimbot and wanting to understand the math behind it. It's basic trigonometry, but even basic trigonometry...
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