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  1. xNyu

    Question C# Add System.Reflection assembly too Unity game

    Hey guys, there is this game I want to mod, at the moment I work on a dynamic mod loader, which is patched in Assembly-CSharp. It looks something like this: string curDir = (Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); if (Directory.Exists(curDir + @"\Mods")){ string[] mods =...
  2. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code C# yet another DLL injector

    This is part of a project to get me more familiar with C# pinvoke (and eventually some WPF work). Works with both 32 bit and 64 bit. More work to make it an actual usable library, but got the PoC working and am happy with it. Code is attached. Some snippets that I'm fairly happy with...
  3. Rablidad

    Source Code C# x64 External Trampoline Hook

    Hello guys, a few days ago I wrote this very simple C# external trampoline hook, so I wanted to share it so other people could use it/learn from it HOW IT WORKS? 1 -> It reads and copies the original code from the target memory address (it is used later for cleaning the hook when the work is...
  4. K

    Solved Constantly reading process memory in a loop

    Hi, I've been looking around and can't seem to find an answer to my question so I decided to make this post. Question: do anti-cheats, such as EAC/Battleye, have protections where they check how many times my external trainer is Reading memory? I understand calling Win32 API for opening...
  5. flol01

    Question C# Forms Help / close + open / ingame overlay imgui but with forms

    Game: Star Stable Engine: Opengl --------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to do c ++ in C # like with imgui but don't know how to fix it + how to open and close with hotkey aka insert and wanted to ask you can you help me?. and can you help me with c...
  6. ezb266

    Tutorial How to get the address of a static variable in unity games.

    If you've been using il2cppdumper to dump an il2cpp game, you may notice that there are static variables with strange offsets (0x0, or some other shit). These are actually offsets relative to a different struct. In this guide I will show you how to get them. There are 2 files which il2cppdumper...
  7. Royce

    Question [C#] Pre load injection

    Hey, I have a question on how pre-load injection works. The game I have a question for is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The language I was wondering how this would work / is possible is in C#. My question is, how does pre load injection work? As in pre-load, I mean have the game closed and...
  8. unicodeA

    Solved Minecraft WorldToScreen without ViewMatrix

    Hello, I am currently working on an ESP, but I do not have access to a view matrix or anything of the sort, since I'm getting the entity list and their positions through packets. Yes, getting the positions through packets is a must, that is the approach I chose & will stick with. I have access...
  9. AxDSan

    Question Hunting and Calling C Game Functions from the Game's LUA API?

    Hey guys, I have been playing with LUA recently, and been trying to accomplish this for a while now but I seem to be running in circles and I'm just getting nowhere, and I'm probably over complicating myself, I'm reversing this game which it uses an embedded LUA VM, some of the game's methods...
  10. HexMurder

    Source Code C# Direct X Overlay (With Setup)

    Many years ago I spent a large amount of time getting a Direct X overlay to work in C#. I don't believe a method for this has ever been published (could be wrong, haven't been hacking much for some years.) I figured I would give back to the great people here at GH by releasing the source. This...
  11. F

    Solved C# Internal hack tutorial?

    I have finished the "external hack" section of the beginners tutorial, and I coded an external hack for Assault Cube using C#, so I am quite comfortable with finding pointers, offsets, editing memory etc. The problem is, now that I want to learn internal hack, I can scarcely find any resources...
  12. dretax

    Tutorial How I made AppDomains work in a custom mono build C# side (Unload C# dlls, UnityEngine project)

    I used to struggle a lot in the days where I was unable to unload a C# dll from mono, as the AppDomain was never implemented. mono/mono My original project that used this is discontinued, and I want to share how I managed to unload C# dlls in mono that I spent time on researching. Using this...
  13. dretax

    Source Code Simple CIL Modification DLC Hack for Tabletop Simulator (with background)

    Game Description: Create your own original games, import custom assets, automate games with scripting, set up complete RPG dungeons, manipulate the physics, create hinges & joints, and of course flip the table when you are losing the game. All with an easy to use system integrated with Steam...
  14. S

    Question Replacing functions in unity using reflection

    I am trying to make a cheat for Bean Battles. Bean Battles is a great unity game for beginner Unity hackers because: It's cheap ($1.20, $0.6 on sale) The code is not obfuscated (You can see the source code using dnspy without any reversing effort) It has no anti-cheat Modding the source code...
  15. leBlanc

    Solved Clover7 Game Route Modulation bypass help

    Hi clover he is bypassing seven games. But there is a problem. How to manipulate route.exe. Print result cmd-> path The operation of the route blocks all the Internet. Is there a way to bypass this manipulation? I added it using the Add Path command, but to no avail. File offer
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