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  1. D

    Solved Kernel MmCopyVirtualMemory always returns 0

    Hi I've been trying to read process memory with code below case IOCTL_READ_REQUEST: { PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST ReadInput = (PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST)Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer; PEPROCESS Process; if (NT_SUCCESS(PsLookupProcessByProcessId(ULongToHandle(0 /* <-- game pid*/), &Process)))...
  2. SICGames88

    Tutorial Creating CLI C++ Class Library For Your C# Projects

    You could create a C++ dynamic library and then use inside your C# Application: [DLLImport("HookEngine.dll")] private extern static void Hook(); Or you could enjoy both worlds. Creating a CLI C++ Class Library to interact with your C# Application. This is just a template. Basic understanding...
  3. SICGames88

    Source Code Robust D3D11 Dummy Creator with Interfaces C++

    I was looking through my Pixiebot code and was disguised. The code was so redundant. Over and over again, creating same lines of code. I took Rake's D3D11 x64 Present hook example. Also, the KoreWindow is fully customizable. So, this should be great for Dummy Window creation and dummy d3d11...
  4. T

    Discuss Realm of the mad god cheats

    Currently looking for a dupe in the game I’m pretty close I believe....just having trouble with some stuff... if anyone is familiar with the game please pm me or post here I have a lot expierence with all previous dupes of the game if that would help you help me lol
  5. SICGames88

    Question How to bypass SendInput detection in Overwatch?

    I can shoot with MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTMOUSEDOWN. But when I move the mouse even linear motion, the injected DLL stops working. Doesn't crash. Just nothing works. Screen capturing doesn't work. OpenCV doesn't work. It's probably the SetWindowsHookEX function they have going on that detects if...
  6. SICGames88

    Discuss Overwatch Pixel Bot is looking pretty sexy

    I'm able to capture the screen from D3D. However, C# side is tad bit slow. This pixel bot uses Haar Cascade Classifier from OpenCV. I was using the EmGu.CV version for C#. That may be my problem. As of now, I'm taking what I know from C# to the injected Dll. At first, I thought the whole Haar...
  7. SICGames88

    Question Hooked DeviceContext isn't able to obtain RenderTargetView with this game?!

    My custom DirectX 11 example is fine. Fallout 4 is fine. This one game doesn't return a ID3D11RenderTargetView. What game does that? It has D3D11.DLL file in it. Able to hook into the Present function. But how in the world can a backbuffer not have a RenderTargetView? Very stumped over here...
  8. SICGames88

    Source Code OpenGL Screen Capture Using MS Detours in Easy Mode

    This source code has been tested on Minecraft. MS Detours can be found on microsoft's github page. There's a tiny small problem but is readily fixed by forcing the window to become focused. This is the DLLMain part: BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HMODULE hModule, DWORD...
  9. SICGames88

    Question Why is D3DX11SaveTextureToFile locking up D3D11 Present hook?

    Recently got back into hacking. Making a pixel bot for a "said" game. However, the game has detected that I was using GDI+ features to capture the screen. Now, it placed it in WDA_MONITOR mode. Yay! I never really gave MSDetours a try until recently. And I love it. It's amazing. There's a couple...
  10. Elitiok

    Solved Assault Cube Internal Hack - Why the code is not working

    Hello Folks, I am currently doing an Internal Hack for Assault Cube My Plans Are - Unlimited Values (health, ammo, grenades) (done) - No Recoil (done) - Trigger bot (done) - Fly Hack (did not do it yet) So I decided first test my the stuff I did I am using reclass generated classes #include...
  11. Elitiok

    Solved How to make an External Trigger Bot for Assault Cube

    Hello Folks, I am currently making a Assault Cube Multi hack to practice all the knowledge I have taken and I decided to make both an internal and external version. I Wanted to Know How to make a External Trigger bot for assault cube I can do it internally by calling the GetCrossHairEnt Function...
  12. HuniePop

    Solved Call UE2 Game Functions

    Hey fellow hackers I'm currently trying to figure out where to start when it comes to calling UE2 Game Functions through DLL Injection in C++. I understand that you need an address of the function, it's return type and parameters, however I can't seem to understand how to get these data. Is...
  13. Flickery

    Question Wrong multi-level pointer dereference

    Hey guys, So I'm trying to read a multi-level pointer value from my game on my external cpp cheat, the complete dereference path is the following: *(*(*(*("LifelessPlanet.exe"+0x00A32B40)+0x4)+0x18)+0x4C)+0xFE0 which finally gives 1.5f as a float, see below for a screenshot of the cheat engine...
  14. AxDSan

    Question Hunting and Calling C Game Functions from the Game's LUA API?

    Hey guys, I have been playing with LUA recently, and been trying to accomplish this for a while now but I seem to be running in circles and I'm just getting nowhere, and I'm probably over complicating myself, I'm reversing this game which it uses an embedded LUA VM, some of the game's methods...
  15. B

    Solved How to Bypass Ragnarok Anticheat - Gepard Shield Bypass

    Can you help me bypass Gepard Shield 2.0, an anti-cheat protection for Ragnarok private servers. When I set a break point on a winsock send function, it does not pause when the function is called. But when I open the client on a debugger, TLS callbacks, Entry breakpoint, DLL load, entry...
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