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  1. K

    Solved Constantly reading process memory in a loop

    Hi, I've been looking around and can't seem to find an answer to my question so I decided to make this post. Question: do anti-cheats, such as EAC/Battleye, have protections where they check how many times my external trainer is Reading memory? I understand calling Win32 API for opening...
  2. gamechamp1231

    Solved ImGui Mouse Button Press

    How would I simulate the mouse being down and release with just the button being pressed? Or is there a way to retrieve WM_LBUTTONUP. Right now that is not being recognized.
  3. I

    Solved user defined namespaces in kmdf

    solved many thanks
  4. gamechamp1231

    Solved Center ImGui window in screen

    Not sure if this is a related question or not but what is the math to position a window in the center of the screen. Or if ImGui has a setting for that or not? Couldn't find out how to do this anywhere
  5. gamechamp1231

    Solved Interaction issue with certain game [IMGUI Directx11 Hook]

    I have a Directx11 DLL Hook with IMGUI. I'm able to interact with the menu in other games perfectly fine. When it comes to 'American Truck Simulator' the interaction doesn't work at all. I don't know why this happens when it should be working perfectly fine. I made a video showing what happens...
  6. gamechamp1231

    Solved Get all memory from process to a char data[]

    I'm working in a dll directx hook and I'm using IMGUI. I added this Memory Editor to IMGUI which uses these lines of code. Is it possible to get all of the memory values from the current hooked process? If it is possible could I have a example? Thank you.
  7. Flickery

    Solved Hooking of a win32u function results in access violation

    So I'm currently working on a dxgkrnl function hook to be able communicate with usermode using the win32u.dll wrapper. I succeeded with the kernelmode part, so the function now redirects execution flow to my hookHandler function which can handle usermode requests. The problem is with my...
  8. S

    Solved CSGO ESP Box height not scaling properly at different distances

    Hello all, I have recently been working on my own CSGO external box esp and I've managed to get everything working so far. The only issue is the height of the box that I'm using doesn't scale properly. Currently, this is what happens from far away: and this is what happens from point-blank...
  9. nephyon

    Solved Global variables within namespace included in more than one .cpp file

    I have the following situation: as soon as my DLL starts, It captures the wglSwapBuffers function address. For that I have the following code at global.h file: typedef bool(__stdcall* wglSwapBuffers)(HDC hDC); namespace oglVariables { BYTE* wglSwapBuffersAddress =...
  10. N

    Solved Drakensang Online Hack - Decrypt packets

    Hello im trying to reverse game again. what i want ? Decrypt packets. First issue is that game is sending packets through UDP my problem is such this game is sending instantly 2 size of packets 7 and 32 but when iam trying to do something for example attack its sending this same way attack...
  11. D

    Solved Kernel MmCopyVirtualMemory always returns 0

    Hi I've been trying to read process memory with code below case IOCTL_READ_REQUEST: { PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST ReadInput = (PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST)Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer; PEPROCESS Process; if (NT_SUCCESS(PsLookupProcessByProcessId(ULongToHandle(0 /* <-- game pid*/), &Process)))...
  12. SICGames88

    Tutorial Creating CLI C++ Class Library For Your C# Projects

    You could create a C++ dynamic library and then use inside your C# Application: [DLLImport("HookEngine.dll")] private extern static void Hook(); Or you could enjoy both worlds. Creating a CLI C++ Class Library to interact with your C# Application. This is just a template. Basic understanding...
  13. SICGames88

    Source Code Robust D3D11 Dummy Creator with Interfaces C++

    I was looking through my Pixiebot code and was disguised. The code was so redundant. Over and over again, creating same lines of code. I took Rake's D3D11 x64 Present hook example. Also, the KoreWindow is fully customizable. So, this should be great for Dummy Window creation and dummy d3d11...
  14. T

    Discuss Realm of the mad god cheats

    Currently looking for a dupe in the game I’m pretty close I believe....just having trouble with some stuff... if anyone is familiar with the game please pm me or post here I have a lot expierence with all previous dupes of the game if that would help you help me lol
  15. SICGames88

    Question How to bypass SendInput detection in Overwatch?

    I can shoot with MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTMOUSEDOWN. But when I move the mouse even linear motion, the injected DLL stops working. Doesn't crash. Just nothing works. Screen capturing doesn't work. OpenCV doesn't work. It's probably the SetWindowsHookEX function they have going on that detects if...
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