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  1. obdr

    Source Code Counter-Strike 1.6 Internal Bunnyhop Hack for Linux

    This is just a simple project that might help some people who are getting started in Linux game hacking. I ran into a lot of issues when going internal on Linux, so this project is more like a test hack. It runs on a separated thread using pthread. I believe my next project will be something...
  2. obdr

    Source Code Counter-Strike 1.6 External Bunnyhop Hack for Linux

    This is just a simple external bunnyhop cheat for CS 1.6 (Linux). Tested on Arch Linux. I am remaking my memory lib from scratch and trying to make the Linux version have the exact same code for the one who uses it as the Windows version. I'm going to optimize a little bit more and allow...
  3. 64humans

    Solved How is force jump exactly found in csgo?

    After a long pause of not doing anything related to game hacking I felt like I want to come back to it. I see this as a fresh opportunity to improve upon something I was doing terribly wrong... Taking things for granted. Whenever I made a bhop in csgo I always used the address someone else...
  4. TorCracker

    Source Code C++ INTERNAL BunnyHop cs 1.6 [NO STEAM]

    This Is My BunnyHop WORK PERFECTLY IN ANY GAME (FOR EXAMPLE cs 1.6, css, cs::go), this addres Work TO cs 1.6 No Steam (OFFLINE). #include <Windows.h> struct Information { int health, m_flags; bool checked; }*VALUE; DWORD WINAPI BunnyHop(LPVOID lpParam) { VALUE = new Information...
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